San Juan Capistrano Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

If you suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident due to another’s negligence, you need to be aware of your legal rights, including the right to seek compensation from the at-fault party. Legal claims relating to serious brain injuries need to be taken seriously and should only be handled by an experienced traumatic brain injury (TBI) lawyer who understands the demands of these cases.

A detail-oriented injury attorney understands the toll these injuries can take and can work to help alleviate the stress you are experiencing. By handling all of the legal issues, a San Juan Capistrano traumatic brain injury lawyer can help you take the time you need to recover.

Traumatic Brain Injuries: The Basics

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body and brain injuries of any type may have long-lasting effects on body functions and quality of life. Traumatic brain injuries include any damage to the brain that is caused by external force. Causes of traumatic brain injuries include automobile crashes, on-the-job accidents, falls, and firearm injuries. These types of injuries often involve internal complications, such as tissue damage and swelling that could develop over time after the initial trauma.

Different Types of Head Injuries

Closed head injuries are the most common type of traumatic brain injuries. These result from the rapid movement of the head. When the brain moves too quickly within the skull, it can result in nerve damage and/or internal bleeding. These types of injuries include concussions and may occur in sports, motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, and slip and falls.

Crushing injuries result from the brain being forcefully compressed between two objects. This may lead to damage of the brain as well as to the brain stem and the skull. Do to the extensive damage to the skull and brain stem, this could result in severe, long-term complications including paralysis and memory issues.

Open head injuries occur when there is breakage to the skull and/or penetration of the skull. Examples include trauma from sharp objects, gunshots, and other extreme accidents. A person experiencing this type of injury risks exposure and infection of the brain, as well as permanent damage to the injured area.

Recovering From a TBI

All traumatic brain injuries need to receive immediate and appropriate medical attention. In addition to the initial damage to the brain at the moment of trauma, further damage might develop after the initial impact. This requires careful monitoring and after-care to avoid or minimize complications.

Just as these types of injuries need specialized medical treatment, legal claims relating to serious and long-lasting brain injuries call for the guidance of a seasoned San Juan Capistrano traumatic brain injury lawyer. A skilled lawyer may help accident victims pursue monetary compensation to help cope with the effects of their injuries.

Legal Liability for TBIs in San Juan Capistrano

An injured party could bring a personal injury lawsuit to recover their losses they suffered when the negligent, reckless, or intentional misconduct of another causes a serious injury. Generally, negligence refers to anytime a person who had a duty to protect the victim breached that duty and caused an injury. This can include drivers who text and cause accidents or property owners who fail to fix a hazard that causes someone to fall and hit their head. In can also cover criminal behavior such as an assault that results in a head injury.

Anyone concerned about whether another party may be responsible for a serious injury should consult a qualified San Juan Capistrano traumatic brain injury lawyer for more information about their rights. A traumatic brain injury lawyer understands the requirements of these types of cases and could advise about ways to effectively pursue compensation.

Talking to a San Juan Capistrano Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

If you have experienced a traumatic brain injury, the first concern should be to get appropriate medical attention. After that, you should seek advice about your legal rights from a qualified lawyer. Contact an attorney today to learn more about how an experienced San Juan Capistrano traumatic brain injury lawyer could be an ally. Call now to set up a consultation.