San Juan Capistrano Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Spinal cord injuries are serious and often cause severe, permanent changes in a person’s quality of life. Effects of spinal cord injuries may include paralysis (quadriplegia or paraplegia), loss of sensation, loss of bowel or bladder control, changes in sexual function, intense pain, and difficulty breathing. Due to the severity and life-altering effects, specialized medical care and rehabilitation may be required.

Spinal cord injury plaintiffs may be entitled to monetary compensation for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses due to another’s negligence. Individuals concerned about their legal rights involving a spinal cord injury could benefit from professional help from a San Juan Capistrano spinal cord injury lawyer. A seasoned catastrophic injury attorney could help assess the value of a case to help you get the resources you need to recover.

Pursuing a Spinal Cord Injury Claim

Due to the potential severity and complexity of spinal cord injuries, an injury claim may need to be approached differently from other personal injury cases. Legal representation from a San Juan Capistrano spinal cord injury lawyer could help plaintiffs seek appropriate compensation for their losses.

When an individual is permanently impaired due to another’s negligence, their compensation could account for these long-lasting effects. To help calculate these damages, it may be necessary to consult economists, life-care specialists, and/or other experts who may be able to illustrate impacts a spinal cord injury could have over the course of a lifetime. Plaintiffs may be able to recover economic damages for expenses that may include medical bills and lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering and other non-economic losses in a comprehensive claim.

Determining Fault in a Case

Causation and fault may be more complex than they initially seem. In evaluating a case, a spinal cord injury attorney in San Juan Capistrano may closely examine the facts and circumstances of an injury to determine who may be at fault. An auto-accident may also involve certain dangerous products which may include a faulty airbag or design defects of the vehicle, or it could involve a negligent driver. A medical malpractice case may also involve the potential liability of a pharmaceutical or medical device company. A strategic lawyer may examine many possibilities in working to help the claimant pursue their legal rights.

Compensation may even be available when the plaintiff was partially at fault. California follows the law of “pure comparative negligence,” which means that a party is typically legally liable to the extent that they caused an injury even if the injured party was more at fault. A party that is judged to be 25 percent at fault may have to pay for that portion of the damages awarded.

An attorney could consider comparative negligence and many other legal issues when advising plaintiffs about potential recovery of compensation for their particular case.

Contact a San Juan Capistrano Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

An accomplished San Juan Capistrano spinal cord injury lawyer could help with your case in many ways. A lawyer could investigate your accident and resulting injuries in order to assess your case and advise you about actions you might take.

As the case progresses, a lawyer could communicate with insurance companies on your behalf to work toward a fair resolution of your case. Also, they could take your case to court to help you pursue compensation.

The goal of a lawyer will typically be to provide caring guidance to help you obtain the best results the law allows for your injury claims. Contact a San Juan Capistrano spinal cord injury lawyer to schedule a consultation to start exploring your options.