Lake Forest Dog Bite Lawyer

There are several specifics that are required for a successful injury claim after a dog bite. The bite must have caused injuries. You must have been legally on the land and you must not have provoked the dog in any way. Whether the dog has a history of such behavior is irrelevant, because, in Lake Forest, the dog’s owner is strictly liable when it bites someone. If your dog bite meets these criteria, an accomplished Lake Forest dog bite lawyer can help you seek compensation for the injury. Call today to schedule a consultation with a seasoned personal injury attorney.

Duties of Lake Forest Dog Owners

A dog owner who knows their pet bit another person is legally required to give the victim their name, address, phone number, and the license tag number of the dog within 48 hours. If the dog is under control of another person who is not the dog’s owner, that person must provide the victim with contact information of the owner. According to California Statutes section 398, failure to provide this information can lead to criminal penalties.

If the dog owner is out in public with the dog not on a leash and it bites someone, that could lead the court to conclude the owner is negligent and liable for damages.

However, anyone considering filing a claim should note that a person bitten by a police or military dogs cannot sue if the dog was being:

  • Used to apprehend or hold a suspect involved in criminal activity
  • Used in the investigation of a crime
  • Used to execute a warrant
  • Used to defend the police or a soldier
  • The bite occurred when the suspect physically attacked or harassed the dog.

However, it is illegal to use unreasonable force when apprehending a suspect and, if the person in control of the dog can be proven to have used unreasonable force that leads to the bite or other harm, that may be a cause for civil action. For assistance with filing a claim, reach out to a Lake Forest dog bite attorney.

When a Dog Bite is a Criminal Matter

A dog bite can become a criminal matter if the dog is determined to be potentially and/or is a vicious dog. If that dog attacks and does significant damage to someone, the owner of the dog can be charged criminally.

A potentially dangerous dog is one that attacks a person or other animal twice in a 36-month period. It does not even have to result in injury if the victim had to take action to evade or defend against attack, that counts. A vicious dog is one that actually harms or injures a human being or is designated as a potentially dangerous dog, the owner is informed of that designation, and the dog attacks someone. If a dog is considered dangerous, liability and a victim’s ability to collect compensation could be impacted. To learn how a dangerous dog may affect a dog bite case, call a well-informed lawyer.

Contact a Lake Forest Dog Bite Attorney

Injuries from dog bites can be severe, requiring significant, expensive medical care. Therefore, if you are bitten by a dog, speak with a Lake Forest dog bite lawyer who could help get you the compensation you deserve. A compassionate attorney could make sure that you are able to recover from your injuries.