Lake Forest Bicycle Accident Lawyer

California has the highest rate of bicycle accident fatalities in the United States and they are increasing rapidly. Lake Forest’s streets are crowded with cars, trucks, and road conditions that can make it hazardous for cyclists. If you do have a bicycle accident, you may want to consult with a knowledgeable Lake Forest bicycle accident attorney who could help. Call today to schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Dangers for Bicyclists

Bicyclists are acutely vulnerable to road conditions because of the inherent lack of protection a bike provides. Many drivers are unaware that cars must share the road with bikes, even if it means having to drive behind them at speeds below the speed limit if conditions require it. Drivers will often pressure and squeeze bicyclists or may fail to see them and hit them.

However, bicyclists must also be responsible for their own safety, which, first and foremost, means wearing a helmet and being aware of their surroundings. This can help prevent accidents and minimize injuries should they occur. If a biker is injured in an accident caused by another’s negligence, a Lake Forest bicycle accident attorney could help them assess liability and seek compensation for their losses.

What to Do After a Lake Forest Bike Crash

Once involved in an accident, the bicyclist should be aware of what they need to do to protect themselves legally:

  • Get medical attention if needed
  • Gather all possible the relevant information including license plate numbers, information from any drivers involved, and any relevant police reports
  • Do not negotiate with or make any statements to the other driver

It is also important to document any road conditions that may have contributed to the bicycle accident. The city or a commercial property owner may be liable, in all or in part, if they do not maintain the condition of the roadway. It is also important to contact a capable Lake Forest bicycle accident lawyer who could help make sure injured bicyclists take all necessary action to protect themselves legally.

Compensatory Damages for Bicycle Accidents

In California, if it is determined that the other driver was responsible for the bicycle accident, the cyclist may be awarded compensatory damages as a result of a personal injury lawsuit. These damages can include compensation for medical bills, counseling, occupational therapy, lost wages, lost work capacity, pain and suffering, disfigurement and scarring, and loss of consortium with a spouse.

In rare circumstances, the cyclist may even be awarded punitive damages if the driver of the vehicle intentionally tried to injure the bicyclist by ramming them or running them off the road. For help evaluating what compensation may be available in a case, contact a skilled attorney.

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Bicycle accident injuries can often be severe, and you have every right to recover compensation for those injuries. And a Lake Forest bicycle accident lawyer knows how to bring a claim with a greater chance of helping you get the compensation you deserve. Call today to learn more about how an attorney could help you.