Laguna Hills Head-On Collision Lawyer

Head on (also known as front end) car crashes often cause the most harm to both occupants of the vehicles involved, and to the injured individual’s property. Accidents can have serious repercussions and can result in injuries with expensive medical bills in recovery.

If you have been involved in an accident, you should contact a Laguna Hills head on collision lawyer to assist you in your injury claim. Skilled auto accident attorneys can fight for your right to compensation following your accident.

What Are Head-On Collisions?

The causes of front end car accidents vary. Some of the causes of accidents are drowsy drivers, drivers who are texting or otherwise distracted, and drivers who are speeding or driving at an inappropriate speed for the road conditions.

Because there are an array of causes and statutes that might apply to a head on collision, liability may be difficult to prove. Laguna Hills head on collision attorneys will assist their client in establishing liability and recovering damages for their recoverable damages.

Recoverable Damages

Experienced accident lawyers in Laguna Hills will review documents, records, and other information to determine an appropriate amount of damages to seek in their client’s case.

Someone may be entitled to damages for:

  • Medical care
  • Permanent injury
  • Property damage to the vehicle
  • Rental vehicle
  • Lost wage
  • Pain and suffering

Crucial in any accident case for an experienced attorney is establishing the damages they are seeking were caused by the other driver. However, if they cannot establish the other driver was solely responsible for their client’s injuries, they may still be able to recover for a percentage of their damages.

Comparative Negligence

California law permits drivers who may be partially responsible for the accident to recover damages. The legal theory California uses is called pure comparative negligence. Comparative negligence permits recovery for someone’s damages even if they were partially responsible for the accident. Under comparative negligence, a judge or a jury determines the percentage of fault to assign to each person involved in the accident.

For example, if someone’s damages were $100,000 and a jury found them to be 25 percent responsible for the accident, their damage recovery would be reduced to $75,000.

During someone’s initial meeting with Laguna Hills head on collision lawyers, they need to provide their attorney with their version of the accident events. If the other driver has a plausible negligence claim against them, their attorney will discuss the possibilities of recovery under the comparative negligence theory.

What Should I Bring to a Lawyer Consultation?

When you first meet with a Laguna Hills front-end car accident attorney, you should bring with you:

  • A list of all injuries, medical reports pertaining to those injuries, medical bills for any treatment received and any treating physician’s name, address, phone number and email
  • Any information from the other driver such as their driver’s license information, car make and model, insurance policy number, statements or any other relevant information regarding the driver of the vehicle that struck your car
  • All names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails of any witnesses or passengers
  • Your insurance company’s information and your policy number, driver’s license, police report (if available)

The list is not exhaustive of all items to bring with you. However, this provides a good start for your attorney to start analyzing and planning your case.

Contact a Laguna Hills Head-On Collision Attorney

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