Laguna Hills Failure to Yield Car Accident Lawyer 

Within the United States, there are more than six million auto accidents every single year. Right-of-way automobile accidents are one of many types of accidents that occur with frequency. When a negligent driver fails to yield to a right-of-way, the results may cause severe bodily injury, and even death. According to California law, drivers are required to allow the vehicle or pedestrian with the right-of-way to go first.

If you have suffered injury due to a failure to yield accident in Laguna Hills, call an experienced Laguna Hills failure to yield car accident lawyer. A qualified car accident attorney can assist you with your case.

California Right of Way Laws

The California right-of-way laws indicate who may proceed first when multiple vehicles are at an intersection at any given time. Allowing a traveler to continue and go first, is called yielding the right-of-way.

Generally, where two drivers reach an intersection at the same time, the vehicle to the left must yield to the automobile on the right. There are, however, some exceptions:

  • 3-way stop. Any traveler on a road that ends has to yield to the other vehicles on the road that continues. At each 3-way intersection that has stop signs, drivers to the left have to yield to autos to the right
  • Malfunctioning traffic light. Should there be a malfunctioning traffic light, all vehicles are required to stop before the intersection, and then they can continue on when it is safe for them to do so. At a 3-way intersection where there is a traffic light that does not work, a car on a road that ends must stop and yield to the drivers on the roadway that continues on
  • Signals and signs. Of course, when at a signal or a road sign, individuals must abide by what is dictated
  • When a vehicle is about to turn left. When any driver seeks to make a left-hand turn, they are required to yield to any oncoming traffic
  • Crosswalks. When there are pedestrians at crosswalks, everyone must stop, whether or not the walkway is marked. Pedestrians do have their own obligations, and they too have to be safe and take due care. The general rule, however, is to stop for pedestrians

Liability for Failure to Yield Accidents

When someone fails to yield as is required by law, this constitutes negligence. Negligent drivers who have failed to yield when required may be held responsible for injuries and all other damages suffered by any pedestrians, other drivers, or passengers. A Laguna Hills failure to yield car accident lawyer can attempt to establish liability and hold the responsible parties accountable.

How a Laguna Hills Failure to Yield Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Getting into an accident where another driver has failed to yield can be frightening and very confusing to anyone. Many of these accidents can cause injuries. Failure to yield accidents are too frequent. If you are suffering following an accident, then you should contact a Laguna Hills failure to yield car accident lawyer right away.