Dana Point Defective Products Lawyer

Every day, people use an innumerable amount of products to go about their daily lives. Naturally, no one would expect that a product they use would harm them.

Unfortunately, defective products could cause severe injury and costly property damage. When an individual gets injured due to a defective product, several parties could be held liable.

If you or a loved one were injured due to a defective product, you may have grounds to file a claim for damages. A Dana Point defective products lawyer could help you hold the party responsible for your injuries accountable in court. Speak to a skilled personal injury attorney to help guide you through the process of filing a claim.

What Causes Defective Products?

All consumers have the right to expect their products are safe to use. For products that are inherently unsafe to some degree such as power tools, consumers have the right to be aware of any potential dangers.

Defects that make products dangerous could occur during various stages in the manufacturing and selling process. The stages where a defect could occur include design, manufacturing, and marketing defects:

  • Design defect – a defect that is inherent in the design of the product itself and which occurs before the process of manufacturing and sale
  • Manufacturing defect – a product was designed without defect but had one arise during the process of manufacturing
  • Marketing defect – a retailer or manufacturer fails to adequately warn consumers of any inherent dangers associated with normal use of a product

If any injury or property damage results from the use of a hazardous product, then there may be grounds to file a damages claim. An experienced Dana Point defective products attorney could help in determining if there are grounds to file a claim.

Deadline to File a Claim in Dana Point

Anyone who has been injured from the use of a defective product has a limited time to file a claim. In California, personal injury claims have a two-year statute of limitations, according to California Code of Civil Procedure §335.1.

For property damage claims, individuals have a three-year statute of limitations. There may be exceptions to these deadlines in some cases, especially if the injury or damage is not immediately recognized.

Compensatory Damages

The effects of using a defective product could be dire. Sometimes burdensome medical bills could result due to a defective product, which could cause severe financial strain. In addition, those who are injured may experience a loss of income if they are unable to work following an injury. Accordingly, individuals may be able to recover compensation for damages such as present and future medical expenses, lost wages and income, and lost earning capacity.

What Non-Economic Damages Are Available?

In addition to the financial burden, the potential injury from a defective product could cause chronic pain or physical deformity. These injuries could further cause prolonged psychological and emotional trauma, which could severely reduce the personal well-being of someone harmed by a defective product.

In light of this, individuals may also be able to recover damages for their non-economic losses as well including mental anguish, pain and suffering and more. An experienced defective products lawyer in Dana Point can work to determine the types of damages an injured individual may be eligible to recover.

How a Dana Point Defective Products Attorney Could Help

Someone who was injured or experienced costly property damage as a result of using a defective product may have grounds to file a personal injury claim. If this scenario happened to you, you may be eligible to recover compensation for your injuries.

If you or a loved one were injured or experienced property damage due to using a defective product, a Dana Point defective products lawyer may be able to help. Call today to schedule a consultation.