Dana Point Car Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, car wrecks are common in California and can lead to debilitating personal damages. Such injuries may lead to both severe physical trauma and financial instability. If you were injured in a car wreck, you could benefit from speaking with a Dana Point car accident lawyer about your rights to compensation.

The system you must navigate to file a claim may be complex and nuanced, and you should not have to enter the legal arena alone. By working with an experienced personal injury attorney, you could build a strong case to recover for all your injuries and losses.

Determining Fault in Dana Point

There are numerous circumstances that could result in a car wreck, ranging from minor mistakes to instances of gross negligence. No matter the circumstances, a driver who behaved carelessly or recklessly and caused an accident could be held accountable for a plaintiff’s injuries. This is the basis for the legal theory of negligence, pursuant to California Civil Code Ā§1714.

If a driver does not maintain a properĀ focus on the road and their surroundings, the chances of a car accident could become astronomically more likely. If a driver is intoxicated while behind the wheel or distracted by their smartphone, they could be deemed negligent in the event of a crash. Any resulting injuries could also be actionable grounds for a claim.

While these incidents are typically not the fault of the injured party, a plaintiff still must demonstrate negligence on someone elseā€™s part for their claim to be successful. A skilled car collision attorney in Dana Point could help an injured claimant through this and all other elements of the claim-filing process.

Damages to Recover from a Car Wreck

A car collision may result in broken bones, severe brain damage, paralysis, and other severe injuries. Following a car wreck, there may be a tremendous amount of medical bills that need to be paid, which could place a severe financial strain on those who are injured. Injured individuals may also experience a loss of income from an inability to work, or decreased earning capacity caused by an injury.

Can Victims Recover Compensation for Emotional Damages?

Beyond these financial difficulties, a car wreck could result in severe emotional and psychological trauma. This form of injury might require a long period of counseling following the incident. Those who are injured may also experience an inability to enjoy certain activities they once did.

A Dana Point car accident lawyer may request civil recovery for these and various other forms of damages resulting from an automobile collision on an injured partyā€™s behalf. A successful claim could help cover medical expenses and lost income. Pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life could also be collected for non-economic damages.

What is the Time Limit to File a Claim?

The statute of limitations applicable to the State of California allows two years for a personal injury claim to be heard, as outlined in theĀ California Code of Civil Procedures Ā§335.1. Certain exceptions may apply if the injuries sustained in a car wreck are not immediately recognized. It is still important for a plaintiff and their experienced attorney to file any injury claims immediately in the interest of avoiding dismissal by a civil court judge.

How a Dana Point Car Accident Attorney Could Help

If you or a loved one were injured in a car collision, you are not alone. While the legal system could be intimidating and overwhelming, notably when dealing with trauma, a compassionate Dana Point car accident lawyer could help you through each step.

By working with a dedicated attorney, you could work proactively through the complex claims process and build a strong case for compensation. For more information about how an attorney may help, call today.