Anaheim Front-End Collision Lawyer

Front-end collisions in Anaheim can be very serious, and in some severe circumstances even fatal. While front-end accidents can range in severity from simple fender benders to catastrophic head-on crashes, survivors may still need to cover costs for medical expenses and property damage. If you were involved in a front-end car accident, you may be able to benefit from the assistance of a skilled Anaheim front end collision lawyer. Contact a dedicated car accident attorney for assistance today.

Liability in Anaheim Front End Collisions

If a negligent driver causes a front end collision and injures someone, that driver may bear responsibility for compensating the victim or victims for any injuries sustained during the incident, as well as potentially additional costs and damages related to recovery or personal property.

When determining liability in a front-end collision, a court will generally review each driverā€™s conduct and various other factors that played into the collision. Depending on the circumstances, liability can be assessed to only one involved party or to multiple parties. For example, if the accident was caused by a drunk driver, the inebriated party is the only liable party. In many scenarios, though, both drivers involved may have contributed to some extent to causing the front-end collision.

Front-End Collision Facts

Compared to other types of vehicle accidents, front-end collisions can be particularly dangerous, with the potential of causing severe injuries to the head, chest, torso, pelvis, spinal cord and lower extremities. For this reason, vehicle manufacturers have made significant strides over the past several years in developing automatic brake and front-end collision prevention technology, and equipping vehicles with these new features that may help to prevent or reduce front-end crashes.

States and citiesā€”and the entities responsible for maintaining safe roadsā€”have also taken steps to reduce front-end crashes, such as erecting concrete or cable medians. Even so, head-on crashes still sometimes occur, and their effects can be devastating for all involved.

Where are Head-On Collisions More Prevalent?

Head-on collisions are more common in more rural areas, and tend to be considerably more fatal than other types of accidents. For instance, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that only about two percent of all traffic accidents in 2002 involved head-on or front-end collisions, but head-on crashes accounted for about 10 percent of all fatalities.

What is the Comparative Negligence Doctrine?

Fortunately for victims of front-end collisions in Anaheim, California law does not prohibit victims from receiving compensation from the other liable party, even if their own actions contributed in part to causing the front-end collision. This legal doctrine is called comparative negligence.

California’s comparative negligence law is very generous towards victims of front-end collisions, and allows them to pursue compensation regardless of how much fault they share in the crash.

Consult an Experienced Front-End Collision Attorney in Anaheim

No matter the circumstances surrounding your front-end or head-on collision accident, you may benefit greatly from the help of an experienced Anaheim front-end collision lawyer who can advocate for your rights and work to preserve your claim to compensation for the injuries and damages you suffered.