Anaheim Uber Accident Lawyer

Ubers are becoming increasingly more commonplace on the roads for their ease of use and convenience. There is no indication that the car service, or others like it, will decrease in popularity anytime soon.

If you or a loved one was involved in a collision with an Uber vehicle driver, you should get in touch with a dedicated accident attorney quickly. An Anaheim Uber collision attorney can provide the help and experience you need to recover damages from the negligent parties involved.

Who Has Liability in an Anaheim Ride-Sharing Car Accident?

When Uber vehicles are involved in collisions, liability factors may vary. However, that does not change the fact that victims hurt by another party’s negligence deserve compensation for their damages.

Uber drivers are not considered commercial drivers, and case law surrounding Uber and similar companies can be vague. Courts have debated whether a driver without passengers holds liability for Uber, or if drivers are liable for themselves. This often complicates litigation and can make attaining an attorney that much more vital.

Does Uber Have a Legal Duty of Care to Passengers?

Uber owes a general duty of care to its drivers, passengers, and members of the public. While there are no specific laws dealing with exactly how the company must act to ensure its app’s safe use, Uber has reportedly adopted internal policies to bar drivers who are consistently involved in accidents or have complaints lodged against them.

Even so, this is not necessarily enough to protect the company from all liability. An experienced Uber accident attorney in Anaheim can examine the situation and determine to what degree various parties may be liable for causing an accident.

California Laws Related to Uber Accidents

Uber is headquartered in San Francisco. Accordingly, the state is at the forefront on updating its legal requirements for private ridesharing companies. In recent years, the state has required Uber to carry secondary supplemental insurance that activates once the driver begins using the Uber app.

Because of this regulation, victims are more likely to receive adequate coverage even if the driver’s own personal insurance policy is limited. The recent 2014 updated regulations also set minimum levels of coverage that drivers and parent companies like Uber must maintain in order to operate legally.

Serious Injury and Death from Uber Accidents

Insurance coverage must also apply to Uber passengers who are injured or killed while riding with an Uber driver. While these types of casualties are relatively rare according to the company, the number of serious accidents may increase as ridesharing applications become more ubiquitous.

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