Tustin Prescription Error Lawyer

Prescription drugs are a marvel and many of them have the ability to treat the most devastating illnesses and injuries known to mankind. Millions of patients depend on prescription drugs that are dispensed by pharmacists, doctors, and nurses. Unfortunately, prescription drugs can also be extremely powerful, and when they are dispensed improperly, can cause a patient significant harm. If you believe your injury or illness was caused by a medication error, you should get in touch with a Tustin prescription error lawyer. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your injury and the emotional suffering it has caused and a detail-oriented medical malpractice attorney could help you get it.

Common Types of Prescription Errors

Each year, countless Americans are injured by prescription medication errors, and a small number are killed. Pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics sometimes dispense incorrect prescriptions to patients, causing them harm in the process. Some of the most common prescription drug errors include:

  • Giving patients the incorrect drug
  • Administering the wrong dosage of a drug
  • Giving a patient a drug that causes an allergic reaction
  • Failing to tell a patient which drugs should not be taken together
  • Not warning a patient about serious potential side effects

Many of the errors listed above can be avoided, but overworked and inattentive doctors, pharmacists, and nurses can easily overlook the chart of a patient. Most people do not have the medical knowledge to discern prescription drugs and that is why they rely on medical professionals to give them the correct drug. A seasoned prescription error lawyer in Tustin could help an injured person hold a negligent medical provider accountable for a medication error. Schedule an appointment to begin analyzing potential legal options.

The Role of Safety Precautions

As previously mentioned, medical professionals should take every step possible to ensure prescription errors do not occur. Pharmacists, no matter how busy, must take the time to check their work by comparing the pills they are dispensing to the pills on the bottle, contacting the doctor if they cannot read the prescription, and ensuring there are enough staff members on hand to prevent mistakes and fatigue.

Doctors should always write prescriptions legibly and avoid abbreviations and both doctors and pharmacists should discuss potential side effects and interactions with patients. Most dosing mistakes can be avoided simply by talking to patients about their medication and answering basic questions. If medical professionals refuse to take these simple precautions and subsequently cause an injury, they could be held liable by a Tustin prescription error lawyer.

Errors Causing Injury or Illness in Tustin

Fortunately for most patients, the vast majority of prescription drug errors do not result in injury or death. Still, prescription drug errors can be particularly upsetting because a medication error may exacerbate a medical issue a patient is already suffering from.

In a select few cases, a prescription drug error can even cause a patient to develop a new condition, which can be more serious than the initial condition the medication was intended to treat.

Injuries that prevent a patient from working and earning an income can be hard to deal with, especially when a person is the primary breadwinner in the household. More serious injuries, in particular, those that result in a permanent loss of functioning, may require lifelong treatment that amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, all of these losses may be compensable in a comprehensive suit.

Speak with a Tustin Prescription Error Attorney

Prescription drug errors can be costly, and the worst errors can cause patients to lose their lives. If you were injured by a prescription drug error, it is important to understand you may have legal options at your disposal. Call a Tustin prescription error lawyer today to see whether you have a case.