Tustin Opioid Lawyer

The number of people addicted to opioids—to say nothing of those who have tragically lost their lives as a result of that addiction—is nothing less than a nationwide crisis. Once prescribed with reckless abandon by doctors and physicians all across the United States, awareness of how dangerous these drugs can be has only recently begun to permeate the public consciousness—too late, unfortunately, to prevent thousands of people from suffering unnecessary harm.

If you or a loved one experienced an opioid addiction or overdose, you may have legal options at your disposal that a dangerous drugs attorney could help you explore. With assistance from a Tustin opioid lawyer, you could potentially hold the manufacturers and prescribers of these drugs liable for the harm they have caused you and your family, as well as recover compensation through civil litigation.

What Makes Opioids Dangerous?

The original purpose of opioid prescription medications like fentanyl, oxycodone, hydrocodone, and morphine was to help those with severe pain following an injury or surgical procedure by blocking the neurotransmitters that allow the brain to process pain. Unfortunately, the various drugs that perform this function often cause fundamental changes in the brain chemistry of users. Combined with its euphoric effects, opioids were—and still are—ripe for potential abuse.

Even people who are using opioids as directed may still overdose, as many doctors have been irresponsibly lax in prescribing appropriate dosages of these drugs or prescribing them for off-label purposes. Regardless of the specific reason behind an overdose, a Tustin opioid attorney could offer guidance and support through any legal options available based on an individual person or family’s circumstances.

Taking Legal Action Against Prescribers and Manufacturers

Although many pharmaceutical companies argue that they are not responsible for the choices made by people who became addicted by opioids, there is precedent that could allow them to be held liable for not sufficiently informing consumers of the risks associated with their drugs. Famous settlements from “Big Tobacco” in the late 1990s and the makers of OxyContin in 2007 are proof that big manufacturers can and should be accountable for misleading the public about how safe their products really are.

Through mass tort litigation, it may be possible for a dedicated opioid lawyer to recover compensation for a variety of damages suffered by opioid users and their families in Tustin. They may include but are not necessarily limited to:

• All related medical expenses, including those for hospitalization, transportation, and rehabilitative services

• Lost wages, both in the short term and long term
• Funeral and burial expenses, in the event a loved one died prematurely due to opioid usage or overdose
• Non-economic damages like pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life

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Opioid addiction has harmed countless California residents and families over the past several years, and unless serious legal action, more people may suffer due to the negligence and greed of big pharmaceutical companies. In the meantime, take action in defense of your and your family’s rights by contacting a Tustin opioid lawyer and seeing what you could do to hold those responsible for your losses accountable in civil court. Call today to schedule a consultation.