Tustin Boat Accident Lawyer

Whether you are operating a speed boat for leisure or using a ferry to return home from a long day of work, there is always a risk of injury from a boating accident. If you suffered an injury in a boating accident due to the fault of another person, a personal injury lawyer might be able to help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

The potential causes of a California boating accident are endless. From the negligent operation of a boat to a malfunction due to an error by the manufacturer, a Tustin boat accident lawyer may be able to provide the legal counsel you need.

When a Lawsuit Is Viable after a Boating Accident

Not every injury suffered on in a boating accident may be cause for filing a lawsuit. To recover, an injured person must show that negligence led to the boating accident that caused their injuries. Without proof of negligence, an injured person would be unable to collect compensation from a boating accident lawsuit.

It may be possible to recover monetary damages by filing a lawsuit even when the injured person was partly to blame. California has adopted a “comparative fault” law that allows a person partially responsible for their injuries to still collect some form of recovery. The comparative fault law is found listed under California Civil Code § 1431.2. Under a comparative fault standard, the potential recovery drops by the percentage the injured person was responsible.

Potential Wrongdoers in Boat Accident Cases

It makes no difference if the injured party in a boating accident was operating a boat of their own or merely a passenger aboard a vessel. Regardless of the circumstances, a person injured due to a boating accident may pursue compensation for losses from any responsible party. In some cases, there may be several parties that bear some responsibility for the accident. A Tustin boat accident lawyer could help victims vet responsible parties in a claim.

Boat Operators

If the operator of a ship is negligent in their duty to operate the vessel safely, they may be responsible for any damages if their negligence results in a crash. Such is the case if the injured person was aboard the negligent operator’s boat, or if the operator struck the injured person.

Boat Passengers

Not all boating accidents involve a collision. If a fellow passenger causes an injury through their own negligence, the injured person may have a viable personal injury claim.

Boat Manufacturers

While many boat collisions are due to operator error, it is also common for a boat manufacturer to cause a boating accident due equipment failure or other defects. If a defect is responsible for a boat colliding with something or sinking, the manufacturer may be found liable for any injuries.

Boat Owners

In some cases, the owner of a boat could also be a party to the lawsuit. On a commercial ship, both the operator and the owner may be held responsible for injuries in a boating accident as long as the employee that caused the injuries was acting in the scope of their employment.

Types of Losses in a Boating Accident

If injuries stemming from a boating accident were caused by the negligence of others, an injured person might be entitled to monetary compensation. The specific compensation depends entirely on the facts of the case, but there are several common types of damages that a Tustin boat accident attorney may be able to recover. Those types of damages include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Long-term or permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Physical therapy
  • Disfigurement compensation

Contact a Tustin Boat Accident Attorney to Discuss a Claim

Coping with a severe injury is often difficult, but financial compensation for your injuries could help lighten your burden. Call today to schedule a consultation, and let an experienced Tustin boat accident lawyer help.