San Juan Capistrano Truck Accident Lawyer

Commercial and big rig trucks can be a threat to the roads, due to their large size. When other vehicles, bikes, or pedestrians are involved in an accident with a truck, severe injuries and fatalities can occur.

In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are approximately 300 fatalities linked to truck accidents each year. Weather conditions, equipment malfunction, and driver negligence can all be contributing factors to these accidents.

If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident, a San Juan Capistrano truck accident lawyer could help you seek compensation for various types of damages. A knowledgeable injury lawyer could help you establish the driver’s fault, mitigate any fault you may have shared in the accident, and negotiate for a fair monetary amount.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Some accidents are avoidable if the driver simply acts with reasonable care. Accidents can usually be attributed to the environment the truck was driving in, the truck itself, or the driver.


Road conditions and weather can impact the safety of all drivers on the road. Rain, snow, and ice can cause heavy trucks to become extremely dangerous. Sometimes roads that are improperly maintained can also pose a hazard to other drivers and contribute to a truck collision.


Truck drivers and their employers are responsible for the proper maintenance and repair of their vehicles. Brakes can become faulty and fail, engine problems can occur, and other types of mechanical failures can contribute to an accident.


Strict regulations are in place to ensure truck drivers are not driving for too many consecutive hours and are getting the rest necessary to being an alert driver. However, not all drivers follow these rules. Driving when tired, distracted, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs can contribute to a serious crash.

Who is Liable in a Pure Comparative Fault State?

Sometimes the plaintiff is partially to blame for their injuries in a truck wreck. For example, the plaintiff may have been speeding and ran a red light, which contributed to the accident. To account for this in a civil lawsuit, case laws allow the amount of the victim’s compensation award to be adjusted.

As per Li v. Yellow Cab, 119 Cal. Rptr. 858 (Cal. 1975) and Diaz v. Carcamo, 253 P.3d 535 (Cal. 2011), a defendant’s liability may be offset by the plaintiff’s negligence. A jury will determine if the plaintiff is partially liable for their own injuries and if so, what percentage of fault they hold. This percentage will be deducted from the compensation the plaintiff would have received if the defendant were 100 percent liable.

An experienced truck accident lawyer in San Juan Capistrano could advise plaintiffs if they are found partially responsible for their injuries. An attorney could establish the facts of the accident to make a strong case for the defendant’s fault.

Talking to a San Juan Capistrano Truck Accident Attorney

Even minor injuries from a truck accident can cost a victim thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages and cause them pain and suffering. Whether you sustained major or minor injuries from a truck crash, a skilled San Juan Capistrano truck accident lawyer could help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Attorneys work hard to ensure you get the representation and compensation you deserve during this difficult time of life. To learn more about filing a claim after a truck accident and seeking compensation for your damages, contact our office today.