San Clemente Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The consequences of medical malpractice are far-reaching. They go beyond the physical injuries that could occur during an improper procedure. In addition to complicating physical woes, medical malpractice could result in psychological damage that lasts a lifetime. If you or a loved one are suffering due to a medical error, a dedicated injury attorney might be able to help.

The frequency of medical malpractice in the United States is alarming. Even when a medical error does not result in the death of the patient, the long-term consequences can be life-changing. To hold a negligent medical professional or hospital responsible, contact a San Clemente medical malpractice lawyer today.

Parties Responsible for Medical Error

There are a number of parties that have the potential for liability in a medical malpractice lawsuit. While negligent doctors receive the most attention, the reality is there are many potentially responsible entities. An experienced San Clemente medical malpractice attorney may be able to help hold all of the responsible parties accountable in a court of law.

Medical Professionals

Many medical malpractice claims stem from negligent actions of a doctor, nurse, or other medical professionals. Many claims arise from surgical errors. If a doctor damages a previously-uninjured part of the body during a procedure, that may constitute negligence. Other surgery errors include operating on the wrong part of the body or even on the wrong patient.

Mistakes in diagnosing an illness or injury could also result in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Medical professionals are required to operate within reasonable medical standards; these standards are not met when a doctor fails to diagnose or misdiagnoses a condition.


Medical facilities are also negligent in some cases. If a hospital hires a doctor or nurse that they know is unfit for the job, they may be liable for any medical injuries that employee causes. If recordkeeping errors by the hospital staff result in misdiagnosis or other complications, it could also result in a medical malpractice claim.

Drug or Device Makers

Some drugs and medical devices are dangerous in and of themselves. In some cases, the drugs were never properly vetted before reaching the market. In other cases, these drugs or medical devices may have suffered damage during manufacturing or shipping.


Pharmacists also owe patients a duty of care. Violating this duty may be evidence of negligence. A pharmacist is required to deliver the drugs prescribed by the doctor and educate the patient on how the patient should take their prescription. A failure in either duty may rise to the level of negligence.

Proving Liability in a Medical Malpractice Case

Not every adverse result in a medical procedure leads to a viable medical malpractice claim. To collect damages from their injuries, an injured patient has to show that the party responsible for their injuries was negligent. Determining whether negligence occurred often takes an extensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding a malpractice case. A San Clemente medical malpractice attorney may be able to find evidence that could convince a jury that the patient’s injuries were due to the negligence of a defendant.

Seek Help from a San Clemente Medical Malpractice Attorney

Proving that a medical professional or drug manufacturer negligently injured you is a complicated legal process. Call today to learn how a San Clemente medical malpractice lawyer might be able to help.