Rancho Santa Margarita Opioid Lawyer

Since first being prescribed in large quantities in the 1990s, opioids in recent years have been the source of a veritable epidemic of addictions, overdoses, and premature deaths. Anyone who has lost a family member to opioid overdose or suffered from such an addiction themselves knows all too well how dangerous and deadly these drugs can be even when used as prescribed.

What you should also know, however, is that a dangerous drugs attorney may be able to help hold negligent healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies liable for the damage they have done to you and your loved ones. One conversation with a Rancho Santa Margarita opioid lawyer could make all the difference in your physical health, financial security, and future livelihood. Talk to a dedicated dangerous drug lawyer today.

Potential Dangers of Opioids

Brand names like Butrans, Percocet, and Vicodin have become well-known around the United States, in many cases for all the wrong reasons. These and other opioid-based prescription drugs come with listed side effects like constipation, nausea, and dizziness, but far more severe are the effects that many pharmaceutical companies were either negligently unaware of or intentionally obscured.

First and foremost, patients who use opioids can suffer from opioid addiction even if they only the drug they were prescribed in accordance with their doctor’s instructions. CDC data shows that approximately one out of every four patients prescribed a long-term opioid treatment plan end up addicted to opioids to the degree that they experience physical withdrawal symptoms if they stop taking their medication.

To make matters worse, the core function of opioids—suppression of pain via the blocking of pain receptors in the brain—also has a depressive effect on the respiratory and circulatory systems. As a result, opioid users—especially those already suffering from addiction—may experience difficulty breathing, arrhythmia, anxiety, and even loss of consciousness.

Ultimately, these dangerous effects can and do have fatal consequences for many patients—about 130 people a day, according to the CDC. Experiencing any one of these effects could be enough to justify talking to a Rancho Santa Margarita opioid attorney about options for financial recovery.

Seeking Compensation after an Opioid Overdose

There are two primary causes of action for lawsuits over opioid addiction and overdose—one targeted at prescribers and the other targeted at drug manufacturers. In the former case, many doctors prescribed opioids with arguably reckless abandon in recent years, often due to bribes from pharmaceutical companies or simply a negligent lack of appropriate care.

Conversely, drug manufacturers may be liable not only for overtly fraudulent behavior like that mentioned above, but also for failing to properly warn both doctors and consumers about the potential dangers associated with their products. For far too long, opioids were marketed as being much safer than they were, to the tune of billions of dollars in profits and catastrophic effects on the public at large.

Fortunately, recent legal action has allowed those impacted by the negligence and greed of drug manufacturers and healthcare providers to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost work wages, funeral costs, pain and suffering, and more. A qualified opioid lawyer could explain more about the specific options available to a plaintiff in Rancho Santa Margarita.

Speak with a Rancho Santa Margarita Opioid Attorney About Legal Options

Taking legal action against a massive drug manufacturer may seem like a daunting task—and in many respects, it is one. With a seasoned Rancho Santa Margarita opioid lawyer by your side, though, you could stand up for your rights with the confidence that you have a skilled and experienced ally to back you up every step of the way. Get started on your case by calling today.