Mission Viejo Medical Malpractice Case Process

It may be critical to understand the Mission Viejo medical malpractice case process should you decide to file a personal injury claim against the responsible party. There are many ways in which medical malpractice can occur in Mission Viejo, including misdiagnosis, lack of informed consent, and even performing the wrong surgery on the patient. Each of these acts can seriously harm a patient and result in much larger medical bills and more serious physical complications than the patient expects.

A vital component of proving medical malpractice involves demonstrating that the medical providerā€™s standard of care fell below the reasonable standard of care used by other physicians in the community. To formally prove this in Mission Viejo, a specific medical malpractice case process must be followed. A skilled medical malpractice attorney may be able to help a malpractice victim navigate the many phases of this process.

Investigating a Medical Malpractice Case

The first step to aĀ Mission Viejo medical malpractice case process is usually seeking legal counsel. The injured individual meets with a medical malpractice lawyer who can analyze the facts of the case. A seasoned malpractice attorney may also be familiar with the condition for which the patient was treated, as well as the most common ways in which medical malpractice for that physical impairment occurs.

Properly investigating how medical malpractice occurred can be a critical part of building a persuasive case since in many situations the victim might not be aware of exactly what happened in a medical sense. Legal counsel will often review all relevant information to which they have access, including an individualā€™s doctorā€™s records, hospital records, nurseā€™s records, and any other important documentation about the personā€™s health.

What is Discovery?

In the Mission Viejo medical malpractice case process, discovery refers to the part of a case in which the opposing parties obtain information from one another. Often, the malpractice victim will be questioned while under oath by legal counsel working on behalf of the medical provider, a process which often involves intentionally obtuse questions the plaintiff may be unsure of how to answer. Fortunately, a knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyer can guide a malpractice victim through this process.

Malpractice Settlements and Civil Trials

A settlement is often preferred by malpractice victims since it is a faster and less complicated solution. Trials are more uncertain in nature, but may be necessary to receive compensation if an agreement on a settlement cannot be reached by both parties.

At trial, both parties present arguments and evidence in support of their position. Many malpractice cases also depend on expert testimony provided by each side. If the judge and/or jury decides that the malpractice victim should prevail, damages will likely be rewarded.

Speak with a Medical Malpractice Attorney Today

Dealing with medical malpractice can quickly and easily become confusing and overwhelming, especially when the patient who suffered negligent treatment was already in a compromised physical state. A seasoned attorney could help you understand the most common obstacles that arise in the Mission Viejo medical malpractice case process, as well as how to build a strong case to maximize your chances of receiving compensation. While you might feel overwhelmed after being harmed by medical malpractice, contacting a medical malpractice lawyer in Mission Viejo may allow you to begin taking control again.