Lake Forest Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Spinal cord injuries are the leading cause of paralysis, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 5.4 million people—close to two percent of the United States population—are living with spinal cord injuries or some form of paralysis. These injuries are life-changing and require victims to focus on their long road to recovery ahead of all other concerns in life. However, having a skilled and compassionate Lake Forest spinal cord injury lawyer by your side could allow you to focus on your health, while your legal advocate fights to obtain the compensation you deserve. If you or your loved one suffered a spinal cord injury, an experienced catastrophic injury attorney could help.

Common Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

There are many different ways spinal cord injury accidents can occur since almost any accident can ultimately cause a spinal cord injury under the right circumstances. Some of the most common ways in which spinal cord injury victims become injured include but are not limited to:

  • Sports and recreation injuries, particularly diving accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents, as well as pedestrian, motorcycle, and bicycle collisions
  • Workplace accidents
  • Falls into or impacts from moving objects
  • Mistakes by a healthcare professional

Furthermore, the specific location of a spinal cord injury can make a significant difference in its ultimate effects. An injury lower on the spine may result only in paraplegia below the waist, whereas an injury higher on the spine near the neck could result in full-body paralysis or quadriplegia. No matter the specific nature of an injury, an experienced Lake Forest spinal cord injury lawyer could investigate what happened and determine whether another party’s negligence played a part in the accident.

Liability for Spinal Cord Injuries

When a spinal cord accident happens, parties involved may bear liability for causing the injuries. Some of the parties who could potentially bear liability for a spinal cord accident include:

  • Sports and recreation teams, as well as their parent organization, school or university, when the injury is sports-related
  • Premises owners or management when the injury occurs on another person or entity’s property, such as at a water park, horseback riding stable, or amusement park
  • Employers when the accident is work-related or occurs on the job
  • Corporate entities employing those who caused an accident, such as truck drivers involved in collisions or hospitals employing dangerous doctors
  • Another independent party such as a drunk driver or their insurer

Regardless of the negligent party’s identity, a hardworking Lake Forest spinal cord injury attorney could advocate on an injured person’s behalf. Call and schedule an appointment to start discussing potential legal options.

Speak with a Lake Forest Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

A spinal cord injury can be devastating, and it can often feel difficult for victims and their families to move forward past such a traumatic event. While no amount of monetary compensation can undo the damage caused, a personal injury award can help with covering medical bills, adjusting to a new lifestyle, accommodating for a wheelchair or other medical devices, and providing the therapy, medication, and mental health care the victim needs.

That is why it could be so important for you to talk to a Lake Forest spinal cord injury lawyer as soon as you are able after your accident. With a qualified attorney’s help, you may be able to successfully pursue the compensation you deserve. Call today to get started.