Laguna Niguel Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns are some of the most painful injures you can endure. While some burns may be less severe and more treatable, high degree burns can take years to fully recover, if ever. The agony you endured because of the burn can have a physical and emotional effect on your health. When the burn is the result of a defendant’s careless choices, you have the right to seek out financial compensation with a trusted catastrophic injury attorney. A lawsuit could assist you in winning the monetary award you need. Let a Laguna Niguel burn injury lawyer help you out during this difficult time.

Proving Negligence in a Burn Case

A burn injury typically occurs in one of several ways. These include thermal burns, electrical burns, and chemical burns. Each is serious in its own way. Thermal burns are likely the most common and are the result of bodily contact with extremely hot surfaces or materials, including fire. This heat source can cause extreme damage in just a few seconds.

Electrical burns occur when high voltage currents pass through the body. This can happen due to negligently-designed products or a defendant’s negligent choices. Chemical burns react at a molecular level and destroy tissue that they come in contact with. This can occur through exposure to acids, bases, and other caustic chemicals.

Situations Where a Burn Might Occur

A severe burn could occur in any situation but certain scenarios may be more likely to cause exposure, such as:

A plaintiff never knows where they may suffer this type of injury, but when the harm is caused by a negligent defendant, a Laguna Niguel burn accident attorney could help them secure a substantial financial award.

How Are Burns Categorized?

The severity of the burn depends a great deal on the particular situation the plaintiff faced. When the burn is more severe, it typically leads to more serious harms and financial toll. Burns usually fall into one of four categories that explain how severe they are. These levels include:

  • First Degree Burns – These burns are usually not severe because they only affect the top layer of skin. There is often minimal damage but they can still be painful. These burns, while less serious, could still be compensable.
  • Second Degree Burns – When the outer layer of skin is more substantially damaged, it may be considered a second-degree burn. These usually require wrapping and burn creams, and almost always make someone eligible for a lawsuit.
  • Third- and Fourth-Degree Burns – These severe burns penetrate multiple layers of skin and can even reach lower tissue and bone. Severe burns can take months or years to heal, or could result in death if it is serious enough.

The compensation available in a burn injury case often depends on how severe the burn was. A burn injury attorney in Laguna Niguel could help provide insight as to what degree of burn occurred.

Filing a Burn Injury Claim in Time

California law typically sets a two-year time limit in which to file a burn injury claim. Claims filed outside of this statute of limitations are likely to be dismissed by the trial judge. Avoiding this complication is best accomplished by approaching an attorney quickly after a burn occurs.

Ask a Laguna Niguel Burn Injury Attorney to Analyze Your Claim

The complex process of investigating and filing a personal injury claim is a task that is best left in the hands of experienced legal counsel. Burn injuries are not easy to handle but your case could be pursued with confidence from a Laguna Niguel burn injury lawyer. Learn more by giving us a call today.