Irvine Airbag Injury Lawyer

Cars and other motor vehicles are equipped with airbags to help protect people in the event of an accident. This safety feature is often key to saving a personā€™s life and reducing the extent of injuries. Unfortunately, an airbag is sometimes defective or fails to work at all. In such an accident, you will likely suffer serious injuries ā€“ and could even lead to a loss of life.

An Irvine airbag injury lawyer knows how to present your case and fight for compensation. Let our team of dedicated defective product attorneys consult on your case and help you through this difficult time.

Problems with Automobile Airbags

An airbag should meet certain specifications to ensure it is both safe and effective, such as how quickly it inflates, and when. Even the slightest error or defect can have costly results for a personā€™s health. Common errors or defects that are sometime found in airbags include, but are not limited to:

  • Failure to Deploy: When an airbag wholly fails to deploy, the consequences can be severe. The driverā€™s face and upper body will smash into the steering wheel, causing catastrophic damage.
  • Improper Inflation: If an air bag inflates too little or too much, the driver can get badly hurt. Over-inflation can cause the airbag to inflict harm, while under-inflation will fail to protect from the collision itself.
  • Incorrect Positioning: If the airbag is placed improperly, it will not work effectively. The airbag must be installed in the right placeā€”i.e. not placing a side curtain airbag in the steering wheel. They must also be properly installed to work effectively.
  • Not Properly Tethered: Airbags are held into the vehicle with ā€œtethersā€ that keep it from inflating too far into the car. Absent proper tethering, the airbag can do serious injury to eyes and the face.
  • Deploying When Unnecessary: Some defective airbags will deploy when they are not supposed to. This can even cause a car accident on its own.

These and other defective airbag issues may cause a person to suffer a traumatic brain injury. An airbag injury attorney in Irvine understands these cases and how to file a proper claim for damages.

Who is Responsible for the Airbag Injury?

Multiple parties may be responsible for an injury involving a defective. The first is the car company that installed the airbag. The company has a duty to install all devices correctly and put out a quality product. The car company may be directly liable for their negligence that causes the airbag injury accident. An investigation of the case from an Irvine defective airbag lawyer may reveal how and why the airbag was installed negligently.

Defective Product Cases in Irvine Airbag Accidents

A defective product claim seeks out compensation from the manufacturer for their negligent construction or design of the airbag. Dangerous products should be kept out of the public marketplace in order to protect drivers.

Manufacturers who allow dangerous airbags to be installed in vehicles should be held financially responsible for their wrongful actions. Their incorrect design, manufacture, or failure to warn of dangers may mean they are financially responsible for the driverā€™s injuries.

Contact an Irvine Airbag Injury Attorney

Airbags are supposed to save lives and prevent serious injuriesā€”not cause them. A defective airbag or one that was installed improperly can have disastrous consequences for you and other people riding with you. In rare cases, the airbag may even have caused your accident. Let a qualified Irvine airbag injury lawyer assess the facts of your accident and lay out the potential options for legal recourse. Call today to schedule a consultation.