Limousine Accidents in Irvine

Limousine accidents are not a common occurrence. However, when crashes happen, the result can be devastating for all involved. If you sustained severe injuries in a collision, you could be in tremendous physical pain and reeling from the trauma and emotional injuries. A reliable car accident attorney could put your mind at ease.

If negligence from another person was the cause, you have the right to hold the driver and company they work for financially responsible. Call a lawyer who is skilled in limousine accidents in Irvine if you would like to schedule a time to talk.

State Definition of a Limousine

California vehicle code defines a limousine as a vehicle that seats up to nine passengers plus the driver. The company uses the motor vehicle to carry passengers after customers call and arrange the trip ahead of time. The difference between limousine companies and taxicab vendors is that the customer hires the limo driver and car in advance. Vehicles usually include sedans, SUVs, and regular or stretch limos.

Common Causes for Limousine Accidents

Due to its unique size, there are many different ways that a limo could get into a collision. Some of the most common causes are listed below.


Limousines are a great deal longer than other vehicles on the roads and highways. This size and length leave them more vulnerable to other cars, sideswiping them as they pass.


Rear-end collisions occur when a driver does not notice the car in front of them coming to a sudden stop. Even looking away from the road for a moment could cause them to miss the sudden need to break.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents

It is not uncommon for limousines to be involved in multi-vehicle crashes. They occur commonly because of their extended length.

While the accidents above are some of the most common types of limousine crashes that lawyers see, there are many other ways they could happen. An attorney who has experience with limo crashes in Irvine could answer questions and help determine potential damages.

Settlement, Communication, and Negotiations

After a limousine crash, the limo company, their attorneys, and an insurance company will usually try to settle as quickly as possible. The limo company typically wants to close the case as soon as possible and avoid any further negative attention.

This quick settlement can provide a fast way to collect compensation without the drawn-out court process. However, the injured party should reach out to a seasoned legal professional before any communication and negotiations. An Irvine attorney skilled with limo crashes could handle communications on the plaintiff’s behalf and ensure they receive a fair and just payout they deserve for their injuries and losses.

Statute of Limitations After a Limo Crash

If settlement negotiations do not produce a resolution, the injured party may choose to file a claim in civil court. California has legislation in place that sets a time limit for filing claims in personal injury cases. The legal term for the timeframe is the statute of limitations. Under the California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1, the injured party must file a claim for bodily harm within two years of the limousine collision.

Schedule a Meeting with an Irvine Limousine Accident Attorney

Limousine crashes can cause catastrophic damage if drivers are not careful. Limousine companies owe their passengers a higher level of duty of care due to the increased vulnerability. High level duty of care means they must take extra precautions to ensure their passengers are safe.

When they do not uphold this duty to their passengers, a court could hold them accountable. A skilled legal professional could handle communications, negotiations, and, if necessary, the legal work essential to file a civil claim. If you sustained injuries in a limousine accident in Irvine, contact a lawyer for invaluable guidance.