Irvine Electric Bike Accidents

An electric-powered bike is any bicycle that has a motor that assists in the operation of the bicycle. These are becoming more common on the roadways and in the areas around Irvine and Orange County, so the motor vehicle operator should always look out for the bicyclist.

The issue with electric-powered bicycles is that they can be operated at a higher speed than regular bicycles. This can create greater injuries based on the speed of the electric-powered bicycle. Because of the increased capacity for damage, and the unique aspects of bicycle law generally, it is beneficial for anyone involved in an electric-powered bike accident to consult with a qualified bike accident attorney, who will understand how to pursue damages and appropriate compensation for any injuries suffered.

Traffic Rules for Electric-Powered Bikes

An electric-powered bicycle still needs to follow the rules of the road. They need to stay on the right side of the roadway and should signal whenever making a turn. The operator of such a bicycle will always need to be wearing their helmet. Electric-powered bicycles are not exempt from normal bicycle traffic laws.

Unique Aspects of Electric Bike Cases

The main difference between an electric bicycle accident and a standard bike accident would be related to speed, because an electric bicycle can operate at a higher speed than a regular bicycle. That can lead to more serious injuries in the event of a collision. In addition, since the electric bike can be operated at higher speeds, the bicycle operator has to make sure their brakes are always in a proper working order and can stop the bicycle properly.

The other difference is that because electric bicycles are generally heavier, if they fall over they can cause roll-over incidents. These incidents can lead to further catastrophic injuries to the bicycle operator.

Advantages of Legal Counsel

The electric-bicycle operator should always contact a personal injury attorney if they are involved in a bicycle accident, because of the various rules and laws relative to operating a bicycle or electric bicycle in Irvine, California. It is very important to make sure that someone who has been in an electric bike accident have an attorney who has the appropriate experience and qualifications in handling other bicycle and electric-bicycle accidents, to make sure that their rights are protected.

A qualified lawyer will know how to analyze the facts of the electric bicycle accident and do their best to represent their client’s interests when they are injured by another motor vehicle or even another bicycle operator. There are various nuances in bicycle accident law, so any individual who is in one of these accident’s should seek the advice of an attorney to help navigate those nuances.

An attorney will evaluate and analyze the factors in the case and the liability concerning who is at fault in causing the injuries. In addition, the attorney will analyze the situation to make sure that all measure of damages, the injury, the medical expenses, the loss of earnings, pain and suffering, emotional distress and property damage are properly presented in the case to represent the best interest of the injured bicycle operator.

Reach Out to an Attorney If You Were in an Irvine Electric Bike Accident

Although there are differences between a regular bike accident and an electric bike accident in Irvine, they still operate mostly the same way in a legal claim. To learn more, call us as soon as possible.