Garden Grove Opioid Lawyer

Opioid medications such as codeine and hydrocodone may be helpful to some patients experiencing severe pain, but their dangerously-addictive qualities may lead to others experiencing severe complications. Garden Grove residents who have taken opioid medications may now have developed addictions to these medications. Opioid addictions are difficult to treat and may lead to medical complications or even death.

Speak with a Garden Grove opioid lawyer if you or your family have experienced adverse consequences from opioid drugs. Compensation may be available if you required addiction treatment, experienced medical complications, or your loved one passed from an overdose. Reach out to an attorney today.

Drug Manufacturers’ Conduct May Lead to Recovery for Plaintiffs

Opioid injury lawsuits may allege that the manufacturer of a particular drug committed one or more careless, reckless, or intentionally harmful acts. Some of these actions may include:

  • Suppressing research or information that suggested opioids were potentially detrimental to patients
  • Encouraging doctors to prescribe opioid drugs to patients
  • Providing incentives to professionals who refill opioid prescriptions for patients
  • Failing to give patients and doctors with information about opioid addiction

Where these or other behaviors cause an opioid user to experience some expense or injury, that opioid user may have a claim for compensation against the drug manufacturer. To be eligible for payment, the person injured must present evidence and witnesses that they would not have suffered the harm that they did had the manufacturer acted differently.

Meeting this evidentiary burden often requires access to internal documents and expert witnesses that many plaintiffs do not have. Resourceful and experienced opioid injury attorneys in Garden Grove may be able to obtain this critical evidence.

Others Responsible for Injuries to Victims

Beyond opioid manufacturers, there are others whose actions may have led to a person experiencing injuries. The injured plaintiff’s doctor or medical team may have prescribed them opioid drugs without discussing the dangers of these drugs or the possibility of addiction. In some potential circumstances, a plaintiff’s doctor may have failed to discuss alternative treatments with the plaintiff before recommending opioid medications.

Pharmacists, too, may be responsible for opioid-related injuries that others sustain. It would be negligent or reckless for a pharmacist to not pay attention to how many times a patient is refilling their opioid prescriptions and thereby miss visible signs of addiction. Similarly, pharmacists who intentionally ignore signs that a person is suffering harm due to continued opioid use may be required to pay compensation to that person.

In any of these circumstances, a victim may be entitled to compensation for the negligence demonstrated by medical professionals.

Victims Harmed by Opioids May Receive Compensation

Opioid users may experience medical complications and need rehabilitation as a result of prolonged opioid use. They may recoup the costs for these and other services through an injury lawsuit. The family members of a decedent who passed due to opioid addiction or complications may recover financial damages for their losses, such as funeral expenses and the loss of the decedent’s financial contributions to the family.

Seek Help from a Knowledgeable Garden Grove Opioid Attorney

If you or your family have suffered some injury due to an opioid prescription, speak to a Garden Grove opioid lawyer as soon as possible. With your attorney’s assistance, you may recover damages that might provide the financial security you and your family need to move beyond your opioid-related injuries.