Garden Grove Paralysis Injury Lawyer

While a paralysis injury may cause various life changes and consequences, it does not necessarily mean the end of a normal life. Paraplegics, quadriplegics, or those with paralyzed limbs may face day-to-day issues, but can still fully enjoy life.

In order to ease the transition back to normalcy for someone suffering from paralysis, we strongly recommend pursuing compensation for your injuries by working with a Garden Grove paralysis injury lawyer.

If your injury was caused by the negligence of another party, a compassionate personal injury lawyer could help you navigate the complicated legal process of pursuing a negligence lawsuit. They can focus on a strategy to claim a fair recovery at trial or settlement on your behalf.

Proving Liability in a Paralysis Case

Typically, when someone is paralyzed in an accident involving another party, paralysis attorneys in Garden Grove can bring a negligence case. Negligence is defined as failing to act within a duty of care to protect others from harm. This duty often arises in cases like car accidents, in which each party is presumed to have a duty to drive carefully and by the laws of the road. If, while on the road, drivers do not uphold their duty of care and their failure to drive safely directly causes the accident, then they can be found negligent and be liable for damages.

Product liability is another type of claim that can be brought in a paralysis case. This is when a company is held accountable for a faulty product, which led to a consumer being paralyzed by its use. For a plaintiff to win a products liability case, they must show that a duty of care was breached by either a defect in the design or manufacture of the product, which then directly lead to the injury.

This may occur in cases against car manufacturers, in which a key defect in the design of the car led to an accident that caused injury. For example, the brakes on the victim’s car may not work and cause a car crash, which then leads to a paralysis injury. Product liability damages may include punitive damages to punish the manufacturer for putting so many lives at risk.

Potential Damages in a Paralysis Injury Case

When suing to recover damages in a paralysis injury case, there are a variety of different types of damages that a plaintiff can request in a claim, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning potential
  • Loss of companionship with a spouse or partner
  • Cost of future care
  • Punitive damages

Due to the many economic and non-economic damages available to a paralysis injury plaintiff, it may be important to work with a Garden Grove paralysis injury lawyer to secure a favorable judgment or settlement.

Working with a Garden Grove Paralysis Injury Attorney

Paralysis can be a devastating injury, but it does not have to be. If an injury occurred because of another person or company failed to uphold their standard of care and caused your injuries, you may be eligible for compensation.

Contact a Garden Grove paralysis injury lawyer as soon as possible after being paralyzed to discuss your legal options. You could bring a strong injury case that requests multiple types of damages to cover all the harm that a negligent party caused you. Call today to begin pursuing compensation for your losses.