Garden Grove Taxi/Uber Accident Lawyer

Many people use taxis and Ubers as a mode of transportation, but just like any vehicles, sometimes these cars may be involved in accidents. In certain instances, these incidents might be caused by reckless or negligent behavior by those operating under a ridesharing service’s name. If you suffered a severe injury because of a rideshare driver’s negligence, contact a reliable Garden Grove taxi/Uber accident lawyer.

Southern California residents injured under such circumstances may be entitled to financial compensation, but recovering damages will require you or your car accident attorney to prove that a taxi or Uber driver demonstrated irresponsibility or malfeasance. A seasoned car accident attorney’s services might increase your chances of achieving these goals and receiving money for medical expenses, lost wages during recovery, pain and suffering, and more.

Parties Whom Actions May Be Initiated Against

The specific livery service a potential plaintiff was using at the time of their accident determines the parties that individual could initiate a civil action against. If the passenger sustained injuries as a taxi’s passenger, they may be able to file suit against both the taxi driver and the company which employed them. In the case of Uber, which hires individuals to provide transport services using their own vehicles, accident victims may only initiate a civil action against the individual driver.

Actions an Injured Passenger Should Take

Following the accident, individuals involved in livery company mishaps might increase their chances of a successful civil action by performing specific tasks. A Garden Grove taxi/Uber accident lawyer could work with an individual plaintiff to identify which actions might best serve their case.

Obtaining A Medical Evaluation

Even in minor accidents, the pain or symptoms certain injuries present might not manifest until days or even weeks later. Success in a personal injury suit may hinge on a complainant’s ability to illustrate that the wounds they sustained occurred during the incident in question. To that end, an immediate medical evaluation can provide solid evidence supporting those claims.

Chronicling the Events Leading Up to the Accident

Assuming they were not seriously injured, Uber/taxi accident victims should write down a detailed account of the events leading up to the incident. Individuals who provide clear and concise accounts might come across as more informed and believable to the adjudicating body presiding over the case.

Collecting Evidence and Testimony

Again, presuming they are well enough to perform such tasks, plaintiffs may help build a stronger case on their own behalf by taking pictures of the involved vehicles immediately after the crash. In the same vein, obtaining the names and contact information of other involved motorists and eyewitnesses could allow an attorney to call on them as valuable references during a civil case.

Determining Fault

Before compensation can be awarded, a judge or jury must first assign fault. Civil cases in Garden Grove, California operate based on a pure comparative negligence principle, which establishes that each involved party may either receive or pay compensation based on the percentage of fault the court deems they bear responsibility for.

For example, if a court rules a defendant is 80 percent at fault while the plaintiff is 20 percent at fault, the plaintiff could receive a maximum of 80 percent of the damages they seek. Unlike in other states, attorneys can help taxi/Uber accident victims in Garden Grove pursue damages even if they bear a majority of the total fault for their accident.

Consulting a Garden Grove Taxi/Uber Accident Attorney

Travel in taxis and uber cars can be a safe and effective method of getting from location to location. That said, accidents still may happen. If a passenger can prove that such a mishap was the result of the rideshare driver’s negligence, the former may be entitled to a financial reward.

In accordance with California Code of Civil Procedure §335.1, individuals injured in an Uber or taxi incident must initiate a civil suit within two years of the accident, so it is important to act quickly when seeking civil damages under such circumstances. If you are dealing with the aftermath of an accident that a rideshare driver caused, contact a Garden Grove taxi/Uber car accident lawyer today.