Dana Point Opioid Lawyer

The opioid crisis has impacted virtually every community in the United States, and those that call California home are unfortunately no exception. Due to undisclosed side effects, deceptive sales practices, and reckless over-prescription, opioids have caused countless families to deal with the horrors of addiction and dangerous drug overdoses.

Recovering compensation from a giant drug manufacturer or healthcare provider may seem like an impossible task, but with a dangerous drugs attorney by your side could make such an endeavor a lot more manageable. If you or a family member suffered harm from opioid misuse or overuse, you may want to talk to a Dana Point opioid lawyer about the legal options available to you.

The Epidemic of Opioid Usage

Typically meant for pain management following surgeries and severe injuries, opioid-based medications have been prescribedā€”and usedā€”at a rate inconsistent with the number of injuries, procedures, and pain Americans report experiencing.

As Dana Point opioid attorneys are all too aware, a central aspect of these drugs that makes them so dangerous is their addictive nature. Opioids work by inhibiting pain receptors in the brain, and while this is effective for suppressing pain, usage of this drug can also provoke a euphoric response and lead to significant changes in brain chemistry.

How Widespread is Opioid Abuse?

This recipe for addiction has led to overdoses in people who resort to higher dosages and illicit non-prescription drugs for a fix, and even in people using opioids as prescribed by their doctor. All told, approximately 17,000 people die every year due to an opioid overdose, according to Consumer Reports.

Who Is Liable for Opioid Overdoses?

It is wholly inaccurate to presume that anyone who is harmed or killed by an opioid overdose is just a drug addict who behaved irresponsibly. The vast majority of opioid users start off with prescriptions given to them by doctors who did not exhibit proper caution in recommending this method of pain reduction.

Moreover, many manufacturers of opioid-based drugs may have been negligent in failing to identify and disclose the potential side effects that opioids could produce in users, as well as the dangers of addiction. The FDA is currently taking action in a number of ways, but in the meantime a qualified opioid lawyer in Dana Point could help an individual opioid user explore their options for taking legal action against a pharmaceutical company which misled them or their prescribing doctor.

Can a Family Sue if a Loved One Died from Opioids?

In the event that opioid overdose resulted in someoneā€™s premature death, legal counsel may also be able to help their surviving family members pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against their loved oneā€™s prescribing physician, the manufacturer of the drug that started their addiction, or both. In either scenario, a successful plaintiff could recover compensation for medical costs, other financial losses, and non-economic harm like pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

Consult with a Dana Point Opioid Attorney Today

Opioids have devastated too many families in California and across the United States already. State and federal governments have finally started acting to curb this epidemic, but that likely comes as small comfort to those who have already felt the catastrophic effects of opioid addiction and overdose in their communities.

Fortunately, if you suffered harm because of a doctor or pharmaceutical companyā€™s negligence, a Dana Point opioid lawyer may be able to help you file suit and pursue fair compensation for your losses. To get started exploring your options, call today.