Dana Point Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries could cause significant long-lasting damage to those who sustain an injury. While many burns are relatively minor injuries that require minimal medical treatment, severe burns are catastrophic injuries that may never fully heal.

A Dana Point burn injury lawyer may be able to help you if you have suffered a burn injury because of the actions of another party. This could include evaluating the extent of your injuries, gathering evidence, and using that evidence to demand full compensation for your losses. Speak to a knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorney to learn whether you have grounds for a case.

How Does the Law Treat a Burn Injury Case?

One of the main concepts of any personal injury case is the notion of fault and negligence. In short, if a party is responsible for damages and injuries, they could be held liable in court. However, proving fault could be a difficult task.

Most burn injuries occur due to accidents. In this type of scenario, a defendant is only considered at-fault for an accident if they failed to reasonably protect the injured plaintiff from harm.

A Dana Point burn injury attorney could help a claimant gather the evidence necessary to prove these negligence cases, which usually includes taking steps to satisfy the state’s statute of limitations. California Code of Civil Procedure §335.1 states that plaintiffs have only two years from the date of their injury to file their case in court.

How Are Burn Injuries Classified?

The extent of a plaintiff’s injuries in a burn case largely depends upon the class of their burn injury. Burns are classified into three degrees depending on their severity. The degree of the burn will determine the necessary treatment and may give plaintiffs an indicator of the expected value of their case.

First Degree Burns

First-degree burns affect only the superficial layer of a person’s skin. These burns will typically require minimal medical treatment in order to heal fully. A doctor may prescribe topical cream, bandages, and painkillers to help a patient to recover.

Second Degree Burns

Second-degree burns destroy the top layer of skin and as a result affect the underlying tissue. These burns directly affect a person’s nerves causing severe pain and permanent damage. Doctors may need to treat patients with skin grafts to help them to heal, and this may result in significant scarring or lasting pain.

Third Degree Burns

Third-degree burns are the most severe type of burn injuries and may threaten an individual’s life. These injuries could destroy tissue and may even affect bone. Common treatment here involves tissue removal to prevent the spread of infection or may require amputation.

Burns could be the result of exposure to more than just high heat. While flames are indeed a leading cause of burns, friction, chemicals, electricity and even radiation could cause severe injuries. A burn injury lawyer in Dana Point could speak to medical professionals and use medical history, reports, scans and more to prove the extent of a claimant’s injuries in court.

Speak to a Dana Point Burn Injury Attorney Today

Burn injuries can cause painful and long-lasting injuries. Exposure to flame for even a brief second could cause damage that inflicts severe pain and may leave you with permanent scarring. If you are exposed to hazards either on purpose or by accident due to someone else’s actions, you may have grounds for a civil lawsuit.

A qualified attorney could help you pursue financial recovery from the party responsible for your injuries. This could include compensation for medical treatment, lost earnings, and loss of quality of life. Contact a Dana Point burn injury lawyer to get started on your case today.