Anaheim Premises Liability Lawyer

If you or your loved one have been injured on someone else’s property, you may need the help of an experienced Anaheim premises liability lawyer. A compassionate personal injury lawyer can help you try to obtain damages for your losses stemming from the accident or injury.

Premises liability refers to the responsibility a property owner may have to compensate a victim for their injuries when they are hurt due to the property owner’s negligence. Property owners have a so-called duty of care to members of the public, customers, and others who may spend time on their property.

Premises Owner Duties

A responsible premises owner should always warn people if there is a hazard they may encounter. This is why many establishments put out wet floor signs when mopping. However, simply warning people is not always enough to escape liability for injuries. An Anaheim premises liability lawyer can examine the circumstances of an injury or accident and determine whether the property owner may have been partially responsible.

Routine Checks of the Property

Property owners also have a duty to keep their property in safe working condition and to remedy any dangers they become aware of as soon as reasonably possible. When hazards are caused by third-parties, the property owner still has a duty to thoroughly check the property for potential dangers, especially those that occur regularly and should be anticipated.

For instance, grocery store owners should make sure that their management is patrolling the aisles to look for spills and broken products in which the customers could potentially slip and fall. While store management need not follow every customer around with a mop, if a spill is left on the floor for more than a few moments, the management may have been negligent.

What Are Some Common Types of Premises Liability?

There are numerous kinds of premises liability scenarios that could lead to a property owner being held liable for injuries occurring on their property. Some of the most common scenarios in Anaheim that could lead to premises liability include but are not limited to:

What Are California Comparative Negligence Laws?

Under some circumstances, property owners may even be liable for injuries that were caused in part by the victim. Because California law allows victims to pursue compensation even when they contributed to their own injury, victims should not hesitate to consult with an experienced Anaheim premises liability attorney, regardless of who was at fault.

Consulting with an Anaheim Premises Liability Attorney

No matter how you were hurt or whom a property owner may be, an experienced Anaheim premises liability lawyer can look into what caused your injuries and which party or parties may be responsible.

You may be eligible for compensation for your damages including medical bills, lost wages at work, medication, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, and even punitive damages meant to punish the wrongdoing property owner and deter them from creating similar dangers in the future. Call us for a free consultation.