Steps to Take Following a Mission Viejo Car Accident

After a car accident, an injured individual should contact the police so an initial investigation can be performed. Presuming that the individual can do so, they should also call the paramedics in the event that they need immediate medical attention. Depending on the injuries sustained, the individual should always obtain appropriate medical attention whether at a hospital emergency room or with their own family doctor who may then have them seen by an appropriate specialist such as an orthopedic surgeon or neurologist.

The injured individual should also contact a Mission Viejo car accident lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can help a person ensure that they are taking the appropriate steps following an accident and that they are acting with their best interests in mind. In addition, a lawyer can understand the hardships and injuries that a person may endure after a car accident. They can, therefore, work to make sure that they ease the frustrations and complexities that can occur after an accident, which can then allow the injured person to have the time and energy to focus on their recovery and to strive to go back to their normal lifestyle.

Seeking Medical Attention

If a person is involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is exceedingly important to follow the instructions of their physician with regard to obtaining the appropriate treatment. For example, if the person needs an MRI to their neck or back, then they should follow up immediately and make sure that such a diagnostic imaging scan is performed.

If there is any delay in obtaining proper treatment, such as follow-up visits with their physician, or specialist, or physical therapist, then the insurance company or opposing attorney will raise these issues that there was a delay in treatment. They do this to try to infer that the individual was not as injured as they are claiming in an attempt to affect the damages and compensation that an individual is entitled to obtain.

Contacting a Lawyer

It is also exceedingly important for a person to contact a qualified and experienced accident attorney forthwith in order to make sure that their rights are being protected. It is critical for the initial investigation to be done immediately so witness statements can be taken and the injured person’s attorney can document and verify the facts of the incident which caused their injuries.

Additionally, an attorney can use their knowledge of Mission Viejo, including Mission Viejo’s laws, to prove the circumstances of the case and to build a strong defense for the injured person. Injuries resulting from a car accident can be life-changing as well as expensive. For this reason, an attorney can work diligently to get the injured person the compensation they deserve. A lawyer can understand that although money cannot undo the person’s injuries, it can help a person pay for the medical bills that can accumulate as a result, and, therefore, help lighten the burden that a person may endure after an accident that they were not even at-fault for.