Irvine Drug/Alcohol Rehab Center Neglect Lawyer

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics are an indispensable part of society and the medical industry. Each year, they help millions of Americans overcome their addictions and live a normal life. Unfortunately, some rehabilitation centers are more concerned with money than the welfare of their patients, and if you were neglected while in a drug or alcohol rehabilitation clinic, you may have rights to legal recourse. Irresponsible staff members, poor management, and an inability to provide a basic standard of care are common factors in regards to neglect. If you want to hold the negligent facility accountable, an Irvine drug/alcohol rehab center neglect lawyer could help. By handling the details of the case, a skilled medical malpractice attorney could help you be sure that every step you take is the right one.

Common Acts of Negligence in Drug/Alcohol Rehab Centers

The overwhelming majority of drug and alcohol rehab centers in the United States offer top-notch care to those suffering from addictions. Their staff members are highly trained and take their commitment to their patients very seriously. Sadly, this is not always the case. When a member of its staff commits a careless act that negatively impacts its patients, the rehab center can be held liable. Negligent acts include but are not limited to:

  • Giving patients the incorrect prescription medication
  • Failing to provide adequate supervision to patients
  • Refusing to follow clinic protocol (if the refusal leads to an injury)
  • Physically, emotionally, or sexually assaulting a patient

Long hours, difficult working conditions, and a lack of experience can lead staff members to compromise the quality of care they provide to patients. If any of the previously mentioned factors contribute to an incident of negligence, not only should the staff member be held accountable, but the clinic that hired them should be as well. Depending on the circumstances, a neglected person and their Irvine drug/alcohol rehab center neglect lawyer could file for damages to help address their injuries.

Staff and Medical Professional Negligence

Rehab clinics hire doctors, nurses, therapists, and nursing assistants to provide care to their patients. As expected, these individuals play a major part in the recovery of those being treated. Therefore, rehab centers should only hire the very best professionals.

If a staff member commits an act of negligence, a rehab clinic could be held liable by an Irvine drug/alcohol rehab center neglect lawyer. To prevent incidents of negligence, centers are expected to thoroughly check the backgrounds of their workers, and any staff member who violates company protocol or state/federal law should be adequately disciplined or terminated.

Preventing Assaults in Irvine Rehab Institutions

Clinics and their staff members also have a responsibility to provide a safe environment where individuals can recover from their addictions. Sadly, this does not always happen, and each day, countless assaults are committed in rehab institutions across the nation.

People with addictions often have co-occurring mental disorders and must be supervised to ensure they do not harm themselves or others. Prior to entry, patients should be extensively searched to ensure they do not have any potential weapons or dangerous substances from the outside.

Clinics also have the responsibility to ensure the safety of visitors, vendors, and non-medical staff workers. These parties may also take legal action if they are assaulted on the grounds.

Contact an Irvine Drug/Alcohol Rehab Center Neglect Attorney

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics should be places of healing and personal growth. Therefore, the individuals who oversee them should always put safety and the needs of their patients first.

If these professionals act negligently, they should be held to a higher standard than others. Contact an Irvine drug/alcohol rehab center neglect lawyer for additional information.