Irvine Dependent Adult Abuse Lawyer

Whether your loved one is more than 65 years of age and has suffered elder abuse, or your loved one is under 65 and has suffered dependent adult abuse, an Irvine dependent adult abuse lawyer holds the experienced legal judgment needed in order to pursue these cases effectively and efficiently.

Dependent Adult Abuse: Mission Viejo Area Lawyer

We help our clients protect their rights when a care facility harms an elderly or dependent patient. While many people only think of these cases in terms of nursing home negligence involving patients over the age of 65, our firm excels as well in matters involving the abuse of adults under the age of 65, including:

  • Improper medical regimen in drug rehabilitation facilities
  • Emerging from the facility addicted to a new drug as a result of the facility’s own medical approach
  • Improperly administered treatments
  • Improper exercise of control
  • Improper supervision of patient

Because the abuse of adults under the age of 65 is a rapidly developing area of law, clients seek our firm’s advice because they know Irvine elderly abuse attorney Lawrence Eisenberg holds the experienced legal judgment needed to address the unique legal circumstances of these matters. After more than three decades of practice in the area of personal injury law, he understands how the law develops, what legal arguments will be most effective with respect to these issues and how newer case law regarding these abuse matters can best benefit your case.

Dependent Adult Abuse Lawyer: Irvine And Surrounding Communities

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