Understanding Truck Blind Spots

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There are a lot of cars in California, which can mean congested roads and highways and multiple car accidents on any given day. But along with those cars and other passenger vehicles, transport trucks are also a common sight in California and can be the most dangerous vehicles of all. In fact, as of 2015, California had the highest rate of recorded truck accidents over the previous ten years. There can be many causes of truck accidents in California. It is for this reasonĀ understanding truck blind spots is critical to being proactive

Common Truck Blind Spots

There are five blind spots on a transport truck. The biggest one is on the right side of the truck and can take up nearly the truckā€™s entire trailer. In fact, a truck driver cannot see most cars on their right side unless a vehicle is directly beside them and in line with their side mirror. Even then, if it is directly below the passenger door on the truck, the truck driver will still not be able to see them. A blind spot on the left side of the truck exists, but it is much smaller than the blind spot on the right. This blind spot extends to just behind the truck driverā€™s door, although it can sweep across multiple lanes.

The back of a truck is a huge blind spot for the driver because even if trucks had a rear-view mirror, they still would not be able to see what is directly behind them. While truck drivers do not typically have trouble seeing what is in front of them, they cannot see what is directly in front and below them. This is because they sit so much higher up and therefore, have a limited view of what is on the ground directly below them and in front of their cab.

While these are the four blind spots many people are aware of, there is a fifth one that is not discussed as often. That is the blind spot truckers have while turning, particularly when making right turns. With the cab of the truck being perpendicular to the trailer, none of the roadway is visible in the truckā€™s mirrors. That means the cars on that roadway also are not visible in the mirrors or to the driver.

Mistakes to Avoid When Driving by a Truck

It is unwise to pass a truck that is turning right, as the truckā€™s cab will cut off the road ahead as it swings around to make the turn. If a trucker suddenly starts to turn right without giving any warning such as a signal light, any car in the right lane should slow down and try to stay behind the truck as much as possible.

Truck drivers are still responsible for driving safely and that also means making sure their blind spots are clear before changing lanes or turning. However, by understanding truck blind spots, drivers of other vehicles can also ensure they remain safe.