Tips for Driving Safely Through Fog

San Francisco is one of the foggiest cities in the country and San Diego is not far behind. California also has more drivers than some states have people, so it is important that everyone knows how to drive in the dense fog throughout the state.

Fog is a cloud at ground level that can reduce driving visibility for miles. Because of this, it is important for drivers to slow down considerably when moving through it. While cars are typically supposed to stay two seconds behind other vehicles, in the fog that time should be increased to four seconds to allow for plenty of stopping and reaction time.

This is important not just to steer clear of other vehicles, but also the wildlife that may wander onto the road. Animals prefer roaming while undercover, which is why they are so prevalent at night and in foggy conditions. Slowing down in fog will help drivers avoid these animals that could cause serious injury to the person, the animal, and the vehicle. Hitting an animal can also cause a secondary accident as anyone following a car that hits an animal could end up crashing as well.

It can be hard to keep on the lookout for other cars and animals, which is why drivers should turn off the radio when driving through fog and roll their window down. Being able to hear is very important when driving through fog as it can alert people to oncoming traffic, emergency signals, and more. Rolling the window down can also make a person more aware of how fast they are going. Without being able to see passing surroundings this can be difficult to gauge without constantly looking down at the speedometer.

Of course, headlights should always be on in fog, even during daylight hours, but this is not so that the driver can see the road. It is more important to use headlights so that cars both in front of the vehicle and behind it can see the lights and be aware of its presence. In heavy fog it can be difficult to see cars that are very close, so headlights can help. High beams should never be used though, as they will only blind other drivers. California has a lot of drivers and a lot of fog. And while there is little that can be done about the fog, it is important that everyone knows how to navigate through it.