Eisenberg & Associates to Investigate Recent Opioid Charges

The opioid crisis in the United States is far-reaching and affects communities in every corner of the nation. These strong and addictive drugs continue to cause more deaths than ever before due to negligent over-prescribing. Fortunately, lawyers and lawmakers across the country are acting on negligent doctors for overprescribing opioids that fuels the ongoing epidemic.

Noteworthy Arrests

Most recently, Dr. Thomas McNeese Keller has been arrested in Santa Rosa, California for contributing to the flood of opioid pills, including Vicodin and OxyContin. His overprescribing of these opiates has led to his arrest and subsequent charge on four counts of second-degree murder against him. Eisenberg & Associates are investigating the case against Keller and have ample experience with other similar opioid-related wrongful death cases.

Notably, Eisenberg & Associates litigated cases against Dr. Lisa Tseng of Southern California that involved 8 opiate overdose matters. The firm is also currently handling a case against Dr. Dzung Ahn Pham, an Irvine doctor, who is accused of over-prescribing opioid drugs and not properly evaluating his patients. That criminal trial is set to begin next month in a Santa Ana Federal Court.

A Team Against Unscrupulous Opiate Doctors

Eisenberg & Associates are experienced in handling serious matters such as wrongful death cases related to opioid deaths. While doctors may not be traditionally seen as criminals, some misuse their privileges and must be held accountable for the harm that they cause many patients and families across the nation.

“Unfortunately, there are a number of unscrupulous physicians who illegally prescribe opiates and narcotics for profit without a legitimate medical purpose. The opiate crisis in the U.S. is ongoing due to the outrageous conduct of such doctors who perpetuate the addiction of their patients and cause irreparable harm to their families. As a result, the justice system will continue to respond to protect the legal rights of the victims and their families,” says Eisenberg.

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