Cruise Control Safety Tips in Irvine

cruise control

Automotive manufacturers have boasted the benefits of cruise control for some time. While it is true that it can offer more fuel efficiency on long trips and provide a constant speed within the speed limit, these are secondary benefits to the convenient feature.

The main benefit is that it reduces driver fatigue, as it eliminates one of the menial tasks drivers must focus on while operating their vehicle. But in order to gain any of the benefits, drivers must know how to use cruise control safely.

Of course, the main thing to remember when using cruise control is that the speed set needs to be below the speed limit. Unfortunately, many drivers do not abide by this which means that the minute they turn cruise control on and set the speed, they are already using it in a dangerous manner. Drivers seeking cruise control safety tips in Irvine should speak with a distinguished car collision attorney.

How Outside Factors Can Impact Traveling with Cruise Control

Cruise control safety tips in Irvine can be critical when considering outside factors. Even when traveling below the speed limit, there are things to remember about using cruise control. It is important to only use it in dry conditions and to refrain from using it on hilly or windy roads. This is because on hills and roads that have a bend or curve in them, it is impossible to know what lies ahead.

If there is another vehicle, cyclist, or pedestrian on the road, cruise control can be quite dangerous. The time it takes to turn off cruise control and avoid the other car or person could be too much. This could cause the driver to cause a crash before even realizing there was a danger of one.

When Should Someone Not Use Cruise Control While Driving?

Another thing to remember is that while many choose to use cruise control on long stretches of highway, this is also not recommended. On most California highways the posted speed limit is 65 miles per hour, which means that the vehicle will be traveling quite quickly. At these speeds, drivers must be in complete control at all times and be able to react within a fraction of a second. When using cruise control, this can be difficult to do.

Understanding the Role of Driver Fatigue

It is important to remember that the intended purpose of cruise control is to reduce driver fatigue. Because of this, any time a driver starts to feel fatigued while driving, they should turn off cruise control and then leave the road and stop driving as soon as possible. Cruise control can cause drivers to become complacent and while this is dangerous at any time, it can be particularly risky when using cruise control as it can cause drivers to stop giving their full attention to the road.

Utilizing Cruise Control Safety Tips in Irvine

Cruise control can be very good for cars and for drivers. However, when a driver does not use it properly, it can quickly turn from convenient to dangerous. All drivers should understand these tips for using cruise control so that the next time they turn it on, they know how to use it properly and safely.