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No one ever imagines that their aging loved one will be abused in a nursing home that family members so carefully vetted. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common. Nursing home abuse occurs in all types of facilities, even expensive facilities with excellent ratings and every amenity.

No family is immune to nursing home abuse, regardless of how carefully considered their choice of nursing home facility was. If you believe your loved one has suffered nursing home abuse, contact a passionate attorney. A Santa Ana nursing home abuse lawyer may be able to help.

Steps to Prevent Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse can take many forms, including physical, verbal, mental, emotional, financial, and even sexual abuse. However, there are several steps a nursing home is required by law to take in the interest of preventing nursing home abuse.

Every nursing home has a responsibility to conduct adequate reviews of their staff members both before and after hiring them, as well as a drug and alcohol screening. This review process includes a thorough background check that looks at criminal backgrounds in other states, conducts reference checks, verifies any licensing requirements, and thoroughly investigates any complaints made against the staff member.

Nursing homes should also pay their staff a fair wage and endeavor to hire and retain quality employees. Workers who are overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid are also likely to be under-qualified and to take out their frustrations on nursing home residents.

The Importance of Proper Training and Organization

Workers should be adequately trained and have experienced managers and a clear chain of command to go to with any problems. Some nursing home abuse cases come about because workers have too many residents to care for, work too long of shifts without breaks, and lack adequate management oversight.

An organized and capable staff is especially important to have in a nursing home, where residents often experience dementia and other conditions that may cause them to lash out at workers or be difficult to care for. A properly trained staff member should know how to handle these scenarios so that they do not become stressed and frustrated to the point of abusing residents.

Common Forms of Nursing Home Abuse

Some of the most common forms of nursing home abuse in Santa Ana claims involve physical abuse, such as hitting, striking, pushing, slapping, pinching, or throwing residents to the ground. Verbal abuse can include name-calling, threats, humiliation, ridicule, vulgarity, and mocking.

Mental and emotional abuse can take the form of isolating residents from others, preventing the resident from contacting their friends and family or using fear and manipulation to gain compliance.

Medical abuse and neglect can involve misuse of medication, withholding food as a means of control, sedating residents improperly, using restraints unnecessarily, refusing access to a qualified medical provider or specialist, not allowing a resident to choose their own medical provider, failing to take medical concerns seriously, and withholding medication. Allowing bedsores and infections to get out of control by not treating immediately would also constitute medical abuse or neglect.

Sometimes staff members will develop inappropriate relationships with residents by preying on their vulnerabilities. This can involve asking for loans or gifts, stealing from patients, or coercing the resident to do things they otherwise would not.

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Regardless of the nature of the abuse, you believe your loved one has suffered, an experienced Santa Ana nursing home abuse lawyer could help your family investigate and move forward after exploring all your options.