San Clemente Uninsured Car Accident Lawyer

Auto insurance is a good investment for drivers. Most drivers get into a car accident at some point in their lives. During these moments, accident victims rely on the insurer to cover bodily injury and property damage.

Most importantly, however, drivers must purchase insurance to be compliant with California law. Even so, thousands of uninsured drivers operate motor vehicles in San Clemente every year.

If you were hurt or if your car was damaged because of one of these drivers, it may feel like a frustrating battle to recover your losses. Speak to a San Clemente uninsured car accident lawyer to see how they could help you claim your rightful compensation. Call a dedicated car collision attorney today to get started.

Insurance Requirements in San Clemente

According to California law, all drivers must purchase a personal auto insurance policy. The state also establishes certain conditions that the policy must meet to satisfy minimum coverage limits.

First, insurance policies must insure the driver for bodily injury resulting from a crash. The insurance must cover at least $15,000 per person and a total of $30,000 per accident.

Additionally, the policy must guarantee at least $5,000 of coverage for damages to personal property. Drivers are recommended to buy additional coverage above this mandatory minimum.

Each insurer must also provide uninsured motorist body injury coverage at $15,000 a person, with an aggregate guarantee of $30,000 per single accident. Furthermore, the policy must cover damage to an uninsured motorist’s property. The minimum threshold for this coverage is $3,500.

The failure of some drivers to follow these requirements should not adversely affect law-abiding citizens. Claimants impacted by non-compliant drivers should retain the legal counsel of an uninsured car wreck attorney in San Clemente. An experienced attorney could advocate for a victim’s losses during negotiations with wrongdoers and pursue compensation for victims.

California Uninsured Motorist Act

Uninsured drivers pose great risk to other motorists. After an accident, these people often cannot cover the damages they cause on the road. To help mitigate the problem, legislators passed the California Uninsured Motorist Act to standardize coverage expectations.

California Insurance Code Section 11580.2 subdivision m, point 7 mandates that car insurance policies cover uninsured motorists. According to the law, the insurance company of the impacted driver would step in and cover damages when the responsible party has not secured insurance.

Drivers who fail to buy coverage do so in violation of C.I.C.S. 11580. After an accident, it may take the support of an uninsured car accident lawyer in San Clemente to recoup damages.

Types of Recoverable Losses in an Uninsured Car Wreck Claim

When a wreck occurs between an insured and uninsured motorist, the insured driver’s policy would step in to cover the damages of the beneficiary. However, the policy limits may be too low to cover all of the losses incurred by the insured driver.

For this reason, some drivers may need to go to court to win back needed funds. When the jury reaches a verdict in the lawsuit, awards may cover economic, non-economic, or punitive damages.

Economic damages might include damage to the automobile, lost wages in the recovery period, or even injuries suffered by the driver. An uninsured car crash attorney in San Clemente may be able to help assemble evidence for such a claim.

On the other hand, non-economic damages may cover both mental and physical trauma. If the driver experiences a “loss of consortium,” this may qualify as a non-economic damage, too.

Contact a San Clemente Uninsured Car Accident Attorney

Even when drivers have insurance, the effects of a crash could be life-changing. Pain and suffering, loss of employment, and severe property damage may follow.

The effects of a crash are even worse, however, when the offending driver has failed to secure auto insurance. Remember, these drivers have broken the law by driving without coverage.

Their inattention should not create added problems for you. Get in touch with a San Clemente uninsured car accident lawyer today to begin to process of recovering your damages.