Mission Viejo Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workplace injuries happen every day, and while accidents may happen, when a person is injured while in the course of their employment, they may be covered by workers’ compensation benefits to assist while a person is unable to perform usual job duties.

No matter what the profession, and no matter what the injury, anyone that is injured while working should contact an experienced injury attorney to learn about their rights. A Mission Viejo workers’ compensation attorney can help people figure out what to do while they are unable to do normal daily activities.

Explaining Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation was developed, in part, to cover the injuries and illnesses incurred by people who are working. Imagine a world where this program did not exist. Not only would an injured person be unable to perform their job, but they similarly would not be able to earn a living wage as a result of their inability to work. The legislature recognized this injustice, and developed the workers’ compensation program to ease the burden faced by people who are injured or who fall ill while on the job.

Workers’ compensation has been around for decades, ensuring that injured workers are both timely and adequately compensated for their time out of work due to a work-related injury. According to the governmental Office of Retirement and Disability Policy, in 2013, workers’ compensation laws covered approximately 129.6 million employees, with total wages paid to cover workers at approximately $6.5 trillion nationwide.

First Steps to Take Following a Workplace Accident

The first step to take when a personal injury is involved is to seek medical assistance right away, if the injury or illness warrants it. This could involve calling 911, visiting a family physician, or traveling to the emergency room. Then comes the paperwork. Sometimes, a mountain of paperwork can accompany the workers’ compensation claim in Mission Viejo.

The law requires that an individual inform someone on the job such as a manager or supervisor of the injury or illness. This triggers the claim form requirement – within one working day after learning about the injury or illness, the employer is required to produce a claim form personally or by mail.

Generally, the insurance company will notify the claimant via letter of the status of the workers’ compensation claim within two weeks. The insurance company’s determination of an individual’s claim status does not end the process because a number of potential issues may arise, including disagreements about benefit allocation, an individual’s objection to the denial of a claim, or even a claims administrator’s disagreement with the opinion of a treating doctor.

How a Mission Viejo Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help

Due to the complexity of these issues, you should consult with a Mission Viejo workers’ compensation lawyer to learn about your rights and options. It is important to be proactive about your claim. Failing to file the appropriate paperwork in a timely manner could result in your claim being time barred.

According to California’s Labor Codes, an individual generally has one year from the date of injury or last benefit to file a claim for compensation or death benefits. Contact a Mission Viejo workers’ compensation attorney for more details.