Mission Viejo Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer 

When you put a family member in a nursing home or an assisted living facility, you trust that they will get the best care possible. It is saddening and enraging to learn that this trust has been betrayed, but it happens all too often.

To get compensation in such a case, you need an experienced Mission Viejo nursing home abuse lawyer who has held these kinds of facilities accountable in the past. A capable personal injury lawyer can work hard to advocate for your family member and to make sure that their voice is heard.

Warning Signs of Abuse

When relatives visit their loved ones at the nursing home, they should keep an eye out for indications that they are not being cared for properly, such as:

  • Bedsores
  • Unusual weight loss
  • Bruises, broken bones, or other injuries
  • Signs of psychological distress
  • Depression or sadness
  • Increased use of sedatives

Bedsores are a particularly common issue because many residents of nursing homes or assisted living facilities are suffering from reduced mobility. In these cases, the facility’s staff members are supposed to make sure that the residents get enough active time during the day so that they do not develop bedsores.

Abusive Conduct

Tragically, some nursing home residents have suffered outright abuse, both physical and psychological.

Caring for the elderly and chronically ill can be difficult, particularly if those persons are suffering from dementia. But it is the responsibility of all licensed nursing homes and assisted living facilities to employ individuals who have been specifically trained to handle these kinds of situations.

There is no excuse for medical staff resorting to abuse and cruelty. If someone discovers that their loved one has been subjected to such treatment, the facility must be held accountable.

Other Standards

California law states that a nursing home resident has the right to receive services in the facility with reasonable accommodations of individual needs and preferences. The facility has a duty to adapt such things as schedules, call systems, staff assignments, and room arrangements to accommodate residents’ preferences, desires, and unique needs.

The state also requires skilled nursing facilities to provide a minimum of three hours and twelve minutes of nursing care per resident per day. If this staffing level is not adequate to meet resident needs, the nursing home must employ as many licensed nurses and certified nursing assistants as are needed.

Nursing homes must have an organized infection control program that prevents diseases and infections from developing and spreading. To meet this requirement, at a minimum, nursing homes must:

  • Investigate, control, and prevent infections in the facility;
  • Screen residents and employees for serious diseases such as tuberculosis; and
  • Isolate residents only to the degree needed to isolate infecting organisms, using the least restrictive method possible.

Another problem that can happen at nursing homes is theft of the residents’ personal property. An employee of this kind of facility must not handle a resident’s money without first being asked to do so in writing by the resident, or their representative.

A Mission Viejo nursing home abuse lawyer who has handled complaints involving nursing homes before will know how to gather the key evidence and put it together into a persuasive rationale for damages.

Consulting a Mission Viejo Attorney

If your family member has received substandard or even abusive treatment, it is crucial that you speak with a Mission Viejo nursing home abuse lawyer who both understands the applicable law, and knows how to build a case that a long-term healthcare facility has not met the standard of care that residents and their family members are entitled to expect.