Irvine Amusement Park Accident Lawyer

The United States boasts more than 400 amusement parks and similar attractions, with many of the best-known parks situated in California. From Disneyland to Universal Studios Hollywood, residents of and visitors to the Golden State have no shortage of options when it comes to entertainment of this type.

Though the lion’s share of amusement park patrons experience fun-filled, enjoyable visits which they will fondly remember long after the fact, there are unfortunately situations each year in which park guests sustain serious injuries and perhaps even worse as a result of negligence. If you have experienced an injury at an amusement park, an Irvine amusement park accident lawyer stands prepared to investigate the facts and pursue fair financial compensation on your behalf.

Gaps in Regulatory Oversight  

Those injured in cases of these incidents suffer a range of potentially debilitating and even fatal harm, including head injuries, bone fractures, and infection. As a result, individuals and families are often left to deal with permanent disability, physical pain, medical bills and other catastrophic categories of loss. These can be incredibly difficult to tackle without the assistance of an Irvine amusement park accident attorney, who can work to recover any and all damages on behalf of the individual.

What Has Caused Lapses in Amusement Park Safety?

Critics of amusement park safety have alleged that a lack of uniform regulatory standards applicable to attractions across the country has led to unreasonable risks. While the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission retains supervisory authority over transitory ride operators nationwide, no such federal control over fixed-site parks has existed since 1981. The resulting vacuum with regard to routine inspection and reporting benchmarks has proved to be problematic, particularly for those injured seeking transparency and justice. State legislatures have been afforded wide discretion to determine appropriate rules within their own jurisdictions, resulting in stringent frameworks in certain regions and nearly non-existent systems in others.

Who Oversees Amusement Park Rides?

Though California’s Amusement Ride and Tramway Unit has been given oversight regarding permanent amusement rides as well as portable ones, and operational inspections, as well as approval of new rides are provided for by the relevant provisions of the California Occupational Safety and Health Regulations, that is not to say that injured parties of amusement park negligence have an easy road in terms of seeking justice and compensation. An injured party should always consult with an experienced amusement park lawyer in Irvine in order to best determine their next steps.

Accident Liability Questions

Because amusement park injuries often implicate a range of different practice areas, it can sometimes be difficult to conclusively establish negligence in a given case. Thus, injured parties are well-advised to secure the assistance of an experienced attorney who is able to explore the realms of premises liability, product liability, negligent supervision of employees and more in order to maximize potential recovery. An Irvine amusement park attorney can help best classify the extremity of the charge.

Injured parties would do well to identify a legal representative with extensive access to medical experts, engineers, economic loss professionals and accident reconstructionists who will work to paint a complete picture of what occurred.

Benefits of an Attorney

The types of injuries sustained in amusement park accidents can range from being relatively minor irritations to serious in nature, and it is important for those who suffer significant damage due to negligence of amusement park operators or other responsible parties to pursue the accountability they deserve. If you have experienced an injury at an amusement park, an Irvine amusement park accident lawyer can help fight for your right to receive payment for medical expenses, therapy costs, lost wages and other mounting losses.