Car Crashes Caused by Animals in Irvine

dog crossing the road

Car crashes caused by animals in Irvine are increasing. In 2016, these animals caused almost 8,000 accidents, which was an increase of about 2,000 incidents from the year before. But wild animals are not the only animals that cause car crashes in the state. There are also many domestic animals in California, and these animals can all cause collisions as well. To learn more about how to handle accidents involving wildlife, contact a skilled car accident lawyer.

Following Car Crashes Caused by Animals

What to do after an accident caused by an animal will depend on what type of animal caused the crash. If the collision was with a wild creature that roams through the state, there may be little a driver can do. This is because an insurer will only cover a crash with this type of animal if the driver carries comprehensive insurance.

In 2017 the cost of this insurance added about $981 to a driver’s annual insurance policy in California so many people do not carry it. However, considering that a car crash involving an animal can cause damage ranging from $3,000 or more, it may be insurance that is worth having.

Tips for Speaking with Insurance Companies

Before speaking to an insurance company, even when covered under an insurance policy, drivers should speak to a lawyer. Insurance companies sometimes ask drivers to sign waivers or releases, which may free them from paying out more than they would have to otherwise. A lawyer can read through these documents before a driver signs them and, when applicable, advise against signing them at all.

If the animal hit was someone’s pet or livestock, the owner of the animal may be liable for not containing their animal. This means the owner of the animal may be responsible for paying for damages to vehicles, and for expenses related to any injury the driver or passenger of the vehicle incurred.

It is important to remember that of the 38 million of acres used for livestock in California, half of those belong to the government. Trying to sue the government can be extremely difficult. In these cases, a driver should contact a lawyer so they can inform the driver of the best course of action to take. Private owners are also likely to be unwilling to pay for a driver’s damages, but a lawyer could advise in these situations as well.

That does not mean that drivers who hit animals do not bear any responsibility. If a domestic animal such as a pet is hit, it is the driver’s responsibility to call the police and do their best to contact the owner of the animal and tell them what happened. If they fail to do so, they could face charges of failing to render aid or leaving the scene of the accident.

Possible Liability for Roadkill

Drivers have a responsibility if they hit wildlife, too. If the animal died because of the accident, the driver should file a roadkill report with the California Roadkill Observation System. This helps monitor crashes that occur between animals and vehicles and allows the state to make traffic flow improvements when necessary to keep everyone safe.

Car crashes caused by animals in Irvine can be more difficult than they seem. The most important thing for drivers to remember when approaching an animal on the road is to slow down and brake as safely as possible. A driver should never swerve to avoid the animal, as this can cause the driver to hit another vehicle or person and make the situation even more complicated.